It's been fourteen years since the WSRC has held a championship. 2020 marks the rebirth of the series. And instead of F1 cars, it's sports cars. 30 of the best drivers in the Assoluto Racing racing community will compete for the WSRC world title. Who`s name will be etched in the history books, to continue the tradition and what team will come out on top?

The WSRC is a unique hot lap competition. It`s not how fast you can complete one lap, but how fast you can complete ten consecutive laps. It rewards a steady hand and a consistent driver. Drivers will need to qualify in three one lap qualifying sessions. They will then be positioned on the grid with disadvantage points according to their qualifying results.

Then, it`s off to the race. Ten laps, with the best results achieving the win. There are two titles on the line. The drivers Championship and the Team Championship. Get ready to strap in for the World Sim Racing Championship!