Race Report for Pre-Season Testing at AR Official Racway

Hello and welcome everyone, to the WSRC pre-season race, at AR Official Raceway! It has been an exciting week, for everyone involved! The drivers are ready and eager to get things going. The field is made up of several cars. Five McLaren P1`s, two McLaren720s, a Ford GT, aTVR Cerbera and a Chevey Corvette. Here is how they will line up on the grid.

On Pole is Dino Berlanda, followed by Flip Meyer in second. In third is Lonnie King, lining up next to Apis Malik in fourth. Fift and sixth place are filled by Muhammad fajjri Abbas and Samiran Ghosh, respectively. Armin memic lines up in seventh place along side Vincio003. And at the back of the grid are Сюлейман in ninth and finishing up the grid is -シクドビッチ.

They are ready! The lights are on...and it`s go, go, go! Berlanda gets a good clean start off the line, followed by Meyer and King. Malik and Abbas are right be hind them. Ghosh and Memic go off at turn one. It looks like Samiran Ghosh`s rear end locked up and Armin Memic had nowhere to go. From the replay it looks like it was a mechanical failure. Not the way Samiran Ghosh an Armin Memic would have wanted this day to go!

So that moves Vinco003, Сюлейман and シクドビッチ up in the running. In the meantime, Dino Berlanda is pulling away from Muhammad Fajjri Abbas who is locked in a tight battle with Meyer and King. But wait, what has happened, it looks like Meyer has picked up some debris from the opening lap incident. Lets hope that hasn`t done too much damage!

PСюлейман puts a move on Vincio and シクドビッチ closes in! Apis malik has developed some smoke coming out of the back of his car. That`s not good! But he`s still running. Can he make it last!? With the stricken McLaren, Muhammad Fajjri Abbas is able to get past him.

Berlanda is in a race of his own, leaving everyone in his wake! King is able to get past Meyer. There is definately a performance lost since he picked up that debris and now he has Muhammad Fajjri Abbas, breathing all over the back of him!Further back it`s Сюлейман, followed by Apis Malik and then シクドビッ. Vincio`s Ford GT is just a bit off pace.

Flip Meyer loses another position to Сюлейман. Muhammad Fajjri Abbas Is now right on King`s tail. He makes a brilliant move on the inside. Abbas is on fire after starting fifth on the grid, he finds himself in second spot.

And Berlanda crosses the line, with no ones else in sight. what a superb race he put on today. In second is Muhammad Fajjri Abbas followed by Lonnie King in third. Fourth goes to Сюлейман. Flip Meyer holds on to fifth pace. Apis Malik is sixth and in seventh is シクドビッチ and Vincio003 crosses five second later. Samiran Ghosh and Armin Memic finish up the standings after they had that unfortunate opening lap.

The final results are as follows, with grid disadvantage time added:

Dino Berlanda: 08:22:277
Muhammad Fajjri Abbas:08:32:638
Lonnie King: 08:34:256
Сюлейман: 08:37:785
Flip Meyer: 08:38:866
Apis Malik: 08:58:712
シクドビッチ: 09:28:262
Vincio003: 09:33:631
Samiran Ghosh : DNF
Armin Memic: DNF

If this were an official race, the points would be as follows.

Dino Berlanda: 08:22:277 (31) (+ 1 point rewarded for Pole.)
Muhammad Fajjri Abbas:08:32:638 (28)
Lonnie King: 08:34:256 (26)
Сюлейман: 08:37:785 (24)
Flip Meyer: 08:38:866 (22)
Apis Malik: 08:58:712 (20)
シクドビッチ: 09:28:262 (18)
Vincio003: 09:33:631 (16)
Samiran Ghosh : DNF
Armin Memic: DNF

-WSRC News

Qualifying Report for Pre-Season Testing at AR Official Racway

3.9.2020 - Today was the first day of Qualifying for the pre-season test race at AR Official Raceway. Things started off with Samiran Ghosh putting in a :54:641 for provisional pole. Next up Lonnie King, who put :51:502 to take the top spot.

Apis Malik put in a time of :53:768, placing him second, for now. Then came Flip Meyer who posted the fastest lap at that point, of :50:664 taking pole from King.

Muhammed Fajjri Abbas took the third spot with a time of - 00:53:283. But that was short lived when Dino Berlanda set the fastest lap of the day, at :49:493.

Armin Memic finished up the day with a time of :54:973, putting him seventh on the grid.

By the end of Q1, the provisional stanfings were as folow.

1-Dino Berlanda - 00:49:493
2-Flip Meyer - 00:50:664
3-Lonnie King - 00:51:502
4-Muhammed Fajjri Abbas - 00:53:283
5-Apis Malik - 00:53:768
6-Samiran Ghosh - 0:54:641
7-Armin Memic - 00:54:973

For Q2 several drivers improved their time. Below are the standings as of Q2.

1-Dino Berlanda - 00:49:493
2-Flip Meyer - 00:50564
3-Lonnie King - 00:50:901
4- Apis Malik - 00:52:599
5-Muhammed Fajjri Abbas - 00:53:317
6-Samiran Ghosh - 0:54:641
7-Armin Memic - 00:54:973

At the end of Q3 the lineup was complete and the race is ready to go. Stay tuned for the race results.

1-Dino Berlanda - 00:49:493
2-Flip Meyer - 00:50:381
3-Lonnie King - 00:50:516
4- Apis Malik - 00:51:980
5-Muhammed Fajjri Abbas - 00:52:600
6-Samiran Ghosh - 0:54:641
7-Armin Memic - 00:54:973
8-Vincio003 - 00:58:242
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GSR Racing Team and King/Meyer Racing release their team logos.

3.7.2020 - two teams have release their team logos for the upcoming season. GSR Racing Team were the first to release their logo, followed shortly thereafter by King/Meyer Racing.

GSR Racing Team logo.
King/Meyer Racing logo.

-WSRC News

2020 testing to get underway this coming Monday

3.6.2020 - On march 9th the WSRC pre-season testing will get underway, at AR Official raceway, with qualifying for the upcoming test event. There are now four teams that have registered, as of this posting. King/Meyer Racing, Bertane Racing, AMSpeed-WSRC Test Team and GSR Racing Team. King/Meyer is the only team with two drivers at the moment. "I am very happy to be back in the WSRC and with my teammate Flip Meyer, we will put up a good competetive campaign for the season," Said Lonnie King, also driving for King/Meyer.

Armin Memic, of Bosnia, drives for team Bertane Racing. He was eager to state, "Welcome to our team! Here we don`t give up and we keep continuing even if we are last. We want to become a Legends."

The most recent entry is GSR Racing Team, with driver Samiran Ghosh, of Inda. He too is entering for testing and states, "A full season to be considered after testing."

As teams get ready for the pre-season testing, it will be interesting to see where chips fall. But wherever they fall, it should be an exciting season, for the WSRC Championship.

-WSRC News

It's been fourteen years since the WSRC has held a championship. 2020 marks the rebirth of the series. And instead of F1 cars, it's sports cars. 30 of the best drivers in the Assoluto Racing racing community will compete for the WSRC world title. Who`s name will be etched in the history books, to continue the tradition and what team will come out on top?

The WSRC is a unique hot lap competition. It`s not how fast you can complete one lap, but how fast you can complete ten consecutive laps. It rewards a steady hand and a consistent driver. Drivers will need to qualify in three one lap qualifying sessions. They will then be positioned on the grid with disadvantage points according to their qualifying results.

There will also be special racing events along with a series of rally events, each with their own challenges.

Then, it`s off to the race. Ten laps, with the best results achieving the win. There are two titles on the line. The drivers Championship and the Team Championship. Get ready to strap in for the World Sim Racing Championship!


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