Vincenzi Closes in on Glavnille with Win at Spa!

Welcome race fans to 2005 Belgian GP. It is a wet one today and we will most assuredly see some action today. They will line up on the grid in the following order. Diogo Vincenzi snatches pole for the sixth times this seasonand ties the season record with Henrique Rocha, who sits in seconds place. In third is team Porsche's Matt Finlay follwed by his teammate Lonnie King in fourth position and to finish up the grid is Brian Glanville. Glanville has been in this position a few times in recent races and has come back to take third place so don't count him out for todays race. Also don't forget that Glanville is no stranger to winning in the rain as is Finlay. But they will both have their hands full if they are to overtake Rocha and Vincenzi for victory. We are ready to go racing. One light, two linghts, three lights, four lights, five lights, and there off! Wow, Vincenzi and Rocha have opened up a huge lead in the opening lap of the race. Third place driver Finlay is nine seconds back from the Brazilian dual. King follows Finlay by less then a seconds and right on his tail is Glanville. Lap two, Vincenzi has now opened up a five seconds lead on Rocha. Finlay is now about 18 seconds back followed King about a seconds later and Glanville has fallen six seconds back from King. Lap three, Vincenzi holds his lead over Rocha and Finlay has spun off at Pouhon and has a horrible accident. That puts King in third place followed by Glavnille about fifteen seconds back. Glanville is struggling with his setup today. Lap four, Almost six seconds splits the leader Vincenzi with Rocha. King is some fourty seconds back followed by Glavnille sixteen seconds later. As we approach the half way mark, Vincenzi is ahead of Rocha by nine seconds. Further back King leads Glanville by seventeen seconds. Lap six, Vincenzi opens up the gap another two seconds over Rocha, King spins off at Pouhon but is able to recover and holds his lead over Glavnille. The gap between King and Glanville is now down to six seconds. That's the same place that Finlay went off. I guess the Porsche's are having a little difficulty with grip. Lap seven, 13 seconds now separate Vincenzi and Rocha. King holds his lead over Glanville who are third and fourth respectively. Lap eight, Vincenzi still holding off Rocha while King opens another second on the gap between himself and Glanville. Lap nine! Vincenzi has really opened up his lead now. Some twenty seconds ahead of Rocha and King holds his lead over Glanville. The final lap, Vincenzi wins! He is absolutely sensational in the rain! Rocha comes in twenty seconds later to take second. King, way back, takes Third and Glanville comes in fourth. Such a tragedy for Finlay today. He very likely could have taken third but crashed out on the third lap. Well, race fans, the WSRC put on another great show today! we hope to see you in Japan for the penultimate race of the season and downunder, two weeks later, for the Austrailian GP, to close out the WSRC 2005 season. Good day!

Final Standings

Vincenzi 18:54:030
Rocha 19:16:302
King 21:13:294
Glanville 21:23:228
Finlay DNF

Fastest laps

Vincenzi 1:52.636
Rocha 1:54.981
King 2:04.233
Finlay 2:03.622
Glanville 2:04.749

Current Season Standings

Driver's Championship:
Glanville 95
Vincenzi 92
Rocha 90
King 74
Finlay 58
Dalby 38
Bolman 19
Byrne 7
Basford 6

Constructors Championship:
Arrows 185
Porsche 132
Audi 92
KDR 38
Nokia 19
Clownpaint 13

- WSRC News



Belgian GP post Race Press Conference!

WSRC - Welcome gentlemen to the 2005 Belgian GP post race press conference.

WSRC - Vincenzi, congratulation to your victory hear today! That brings your season victories to six. One ahead of Rocha. How do you feel going into the final two rounds of the season?

Vincenzi - Thank you. We did a great race today and it was good to win here at Spa. I think we are ready for the next two races, specially with the new car. Hopefully I can win the two next races and have more victories then Rocha in the end!

WSRC - Rocha, You put in a valiant effort today. You and Vincenzi rocketed off the starting line, leaving the rest of the field in your wake. Obviously, I'm sure, you would have liked to have won this race. You were holding onto Vincenzi for a little bit but then started to fall back off the pace. What would you say attributed to this?

Rocha - I don't know. The car just slowed down.

WSRC - King, back on the podium once again! So few and far between, with such competition this season. How does it feel?

King - well to be honest, coming into this race I never expected to be where I am today. I'm saddened for Finlay's shunt on the third lap, but that's racing I guess. obvisouly, it would have been better for the team had he been able to recover from his spin. I suffered a similar shunt on lap six and luckily I scrubbed off enough speed before hitting the wall and was able to continue.

WSRC - Vincenzi, You've closed to three points on Glanville and Rocha is two points behind you? Rocha will be fighting you every step of the way and Glavnille will surely be trying to defent his lead. What are your thoughts on the points race?

Vincenzi - Today's race put us exatcly in the place we needed to be. Ahead of Rocha, and with a smaller gap to Glanville. All the team needs now is keep doing the job and get the results we need the following two races.

WSRC - Rocha, only two points behind Vincenzi. It's a close points race to the end of the season. Give us your take on the turn of events that have brought the drivers championship to where it is today?

Rocha - My absence on 3 races and my disqualification on the German GP. Even if I hadn't taken part in those 3 races, I would have a 10 points gap to Vincenzi and 2 victories in a row, thing that I desire since the start of the season. Now I'm just pi$$ed off with the result of that race.

WSRC - King, on lap six you spun off in Pouhon, and were able to recover! Take us through that moment?

King - Well, I was coming down the hill and I didn't reduce my speed as much as I had liked. I tried further to reduce my speed and even when I started to go off I thought I still had a chance to recover as the car was still moving forward then suddenly I lost the rear of the car. I knew that Glanville would be coming through very quickly so I did everything I needed to do to regain control of the car and I was able to get back in the race, ahead of Glanville. But I don't think my heart ever pumped so fast before. It's quite an adrenaline rush when you've made a mistake but you know that all it takes is some decent control to get you back into it without losing a spot.

WSRC - And your final thoughts on todays race Lonnie?

King - Well, Vincenzi and Rocha ran exceptionally well as most would have expected. I envy both of them for their speed and car control! I only wish I could run a race like they can! I also want to congratulate Vincenzi for his win here today! It's an honor to be on th podium with these two men!

WSRC - Rocha, your final thoughts on todays race?

Rocha - I lost. As simple as that.

WSRC - Vincenzi, congratulation once again! You have the last words!

Vincenzi - Well, I am glad with the performance today. Everyone did a great race, specially in conditions like this with a lot of rain coming down. Lonnie finishing third was also good cause it brought us closer to the championship battle. The car was also really well setup, I had no problems of balance, which is sign of a good job from the team. All in all, perfect race for us today

WSRC - Thanks you gentlemen and congratualtions to you all. You put on a fine show today. We will hope to see you all in Japan!

- WSRC News



Rocha Takes Victory at Suzuka!

Welcome WSRC fans, to the 2005 Japanese GP. It a beautiful sunny day in the land of the rising sun! Testing this week has shown some impressive times and the qualifying grid looks very competetive for this event. On pole for the seventh time this season is Diogo Vincenzi of Brazil followed by his fellow contryman, Henrique Rocha. Both are looking for a strong finish here today. In third spot Matt Finlay followed by Lonnie King and in Fifth place if Brian Glanville. Glanville's qualifying of late has been a little slower then the rest of the field. Something I think he may not be accustom to, having many higher qualifying rankings earlier in the season. Anyway, here we go! One light, two lights, three lights, four lights, five light and there off! Rocha has the early lead over Vincenzi followed by Finlay King and then Glanville. Lap two, Rocha still holding off Vincenzi. Finlay is in third and Glanville takes fourth away from King. Lap three, Still only a second separates Rocha from Vincenzi. Finlay opens the gap from him and Glanville and king is close behind. Lap four, Rocha and Vincenzi are seperated by a mere 4 tenths of a second! Finlay is starting to pull away from Glanville and King. Lap five, Rocha opens the gap by a few tenths over Vincenzi. Finlay is now about two seconds ahead of Glanville King is just over a second behind him. Lap six, Rocha now has a second on Vincenzi. Finlay, in third, now has almost three seconds on Glanville. King gets a little off line coming through the S's and then again just before the underrpass. That's going to cost him big and it does. Now some 25 seconds back from Glanville! Lap seven, Rocha loses a few tenths to Vincenzi on that lap. About nineteen seconds back Finlay, is still about three seconds ahead of Glanville and King has a lot of catching up to do. Looks like he picked up some gravel from lap six as he strugles to maintain control of the car through 130R. Lap eight, Rocha opens the gap again, over Vincenzi. Finlay loses time to Glanville but still holds on. King may be in trouble! His times are back up their but it's sertainly getting interesting for him through 130R. Lap nine!, A seconds separates Rocha from Vnicenzi. Finlay Loses more ground to Glanville but still in third. King may be having tyre preasure issues but he's still moving fast and sets his personal fastest lap of the race. Lap ten, Rocha crosses the line one seconds ahead of Vincenzi to win the Japanese GP. Finlay takes third, Glanville takes fourth and King has a horrible crash coming through 130R. He couldn't handle it any longer! Whatever was happening to his car in the last few laps finaly did him in. What a horrible way to finish a race! Well this certainly puts the drivers title in an exciting positions for the final round of the season, two weeks from now, in Australia.

Final Standings

Rocha 14:46:781
Vincenzi 14:47:386
Finlay 15:16:523
Glanville 15:18:926
King DNF

Fastest laps

Rocha 1:28.193
Vincenzi 1:28.327
Finlay 1:31.105
Glanville 1:31.083
King 1:31.943

Current Season Standings

Driver's Championship:
Glanville 100
Vincenzi 100
Rocha 100
King 74
Finlay 64
Dalby 38
Bolman 19
Byrne 7
Basford 6

Constructors Championship:
Arrows 200
Porsche 138
Audi 100
KDR 38
Nokia 19
Clownpaint 13

- WSRC News



Japanese GP post Race Press Conference!

Welcome Gentlement! We saw some exciting racing today! Rocha, congratulations for taking the win today!

Rocha - I'm sure this win means everythignto you. You'v tied up the drivers title with Vincenzi with one race to go? Were you ever a bit nervouse this week about the outcome of this race?

Rocha - Of course I was! You never expect to win a race after finishing the previous one like 20 seconds behind. This victory was everything I needed if I didn't want to hope Vincenzi isn't second on Melbourne. The championship, now more than ever, is still open.

Vincenzi - It would have been nice to take a four points leand going into Australia but with things tied up how are you feeling about the next race?

Vincenzi - It indeed would have been good, and me and the team worked very hard to acomplish it, but unfortunately, it was not enough. The next GP at Australia will be probably the most dificult so far. The pressure is all on to winning the race, since there's really no other way to win the Driver's championship other then that. As I feared, the b-spec car was much better, but still not up to par with the Arrows, so we need to see what can be done for the next race and try to win there.

Finlay - you came in third today and having beaten Glavnille to the finish you've forced a three way tie going into the final race of the season! You put a great drive today! Did you think it was going to be this tought to take third here in Japan?

Finlay - well to be honest, third was the aim. i realise we dont have the pace to challenge the two guys sitting to my right , but i made glanville a target and im happy to say i was able to beat him in a very enjoyable fight! it was 100% committment out there.

Rocha - I'm sorry we didn't mention this in the last race, but BMW Arrows won the Constructors title recently! I'm sure you msut be exstatic about this. What are your thoughts?

Rocha - Well, after Arrows' domination on mid-season, courtesy of Mr. Glanville, I was confident we'd be in a confortable position on the end of the year. Of course, it still feels great to be a driver of the champion team.

Vincenzi - at one point in the race, you were down to four tenths of a seconds behind Rocha and then started to fall back a bit. What do you think attributed to this?

Vincenzi - I was able to keep a good pace during the race, apart from the first few laps. At the start, the car was reacting very poorly and I was struggling with some understeer problems. After that the car became better, but still not enough to catch Rocha, who also started to ride faster in the closing laps of the race.

Finlay - Well you've assured yourself fifth on the drivers title this season! I'm sure you have a lot to say about 2005! So Please, what do you have to say about it?

Finlay - its been a season of two halves really. we were nowhere near competitive enough in the opening races, up until spain actually, but then we did some testing and i was able to get alot more comfortable in the car, and we had some new developments for canada and onward which worked! the balance of the car has been much improved and its allowed us to bounce back into the fray. the last race is australia, i hope very much to end my time with porsche on a high note. we'll be doing alot of testing to try and close the gap to audi and arrows.

Finlay - And what about todays race in particular?

Finlay - well it was a good fight with glanville, very enjoyable. couldn't do much about the pace of rocha or vincenzi though. hope to be here again in melbourne

Vincenzi - Your final thoughts for todays race?

Vincenzi - Well, today's race was not I was expecting. Another strong finish for the team as always, but the car just did not deliver what it should have. If I had won, getting a second place at Australia would've been enough to win the title, but now I'll have to win there and Australia is actually a dificult track. We'll have to work harder for the next race and see what we can do to get a better car. Fortunately, I have raced at Melbourne many times, so I know the circuit pretty well which should help once the phase of setup comes. Audi has shown to be strong at street-like circuit in the past though, like Monaco, so hopefully we are set for a victory there and win the title.

Rocha - Victory once again! Tell us about it?

Rocha - All I needed! It feels great to have won here. My teammate and me still have a big chance of taking the crown on Melbourne, so I have nothing to complain about. It has been a good season for both of us. We've won the Constructors' Championship, and this is the max a team can ever dream of.

- WSRC News



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