Rocha Dominates the Hungarian GP!

Welcome race fans to a wonderful day at the Hungaroring for the 2005 WSRC Hungarian GP. Qualifying has set up for a hotly contested Grand Prix this weekend which could likely set the stage for the final races of the season. In the front row Vincenzi is on Pole with Rocha sitting in Second place. In third is Finlay followed by teammate King. And Glanville is sporting one of his lowest qualifying position to date this season in fifth place. This could hurt him in points if he is not able to move up the grid! The lights are on and they're off! Rocha overtakes Vincenzi to lead lap one. Glanville slips by King and then Finlay to take third. Lap two, Rocha opens the gap by almost four seconds over Vincenzi, what a blistering pace! Glanville leads Finlay by a seconds who in turnmLeads King by the same margin. Lap three, Almost five seconds separate Rocha from Vincenzi. Glanville holds his lead over Finlay and King. Lap four, Vincenzi holds Roccha's lead to no gain while Glanville pulls out another two tenths on Finlay followed by King. Lap five, Eight seconds now separate Rocha from Vincenzi and Glanville has an off track excursion as both Finlay and King slip by. Lap six season Rocha opens up his lead even further to Vincenzi, now separated by nine seconds. Finlay is some thirteen seconds behind Vincenzi and King follows his tamemate a little over a second back. Almost six seconds back, Glanville regains his composure. Lap seven, Rocha is looking to be unstopable as his lead increases yet another second over Vincenzi. Sixteen seconds back is Finlay, closely followed by his teammate and Glanville regains a seconds on King. Lap eight, 12 seconds now separate Rocha, our leader, to Vincenzi who is now 19 seconds ahead of Finlay. King two seconds back is losing ground to Glanville. Lap nine, two to go! This race is looking like a Rocha Vinctory thru and thru! Vincenzi is now running in a seemingly empty track. The last three are really far behind. Finlay leads King by almost four seconds, and what's this, they're pulling a black flag on Glavnille! This is unbelievable! The world Championship leader is being black flagged from the race. My goodness! What could it be? This is most certainly going to hurt his points standings! Final lap, Rocha easily takes home the win giving him ten sorely needed points and Vincenzi comes in second Followed by Finlay and then King. A good and bad day for BMW Arrows strikes again! We are getting reports that the black flag on Glanville has to do with lap data. I'm sure he is very upset about this result. But nonetheless, BMW Arrows get to celebrate a victory today!

Fastest Laps

Rocha 1:09.610
Vincenzi 1:11.095
Glanville 1:12.885
Finlay 1:13.416
King 1:13.586

The season standings look as follows:

Drivers Points

Glanville 78
Vincenzi 64
Rocha 64
King 59
Finlay 53
Dalby 35
Bolman 19
Byrne 7
Basford 6

Constructors points

Arrows 142
Porsche 112
Audi 64
KDR 35
Nokia 19
Clownpaint 13

- WSRC News



Hungarian GP post Race Press Conference!

WSRC: Welcome Gentlement! It was another eventfull race here in Hungary! Rocha came away with much needed victory today.

WSRC: Rocha, Over the course of the week, in testing and in qualifying, then in the race, where did things seem to come together for you? Was it the car, the track, what?

Rocha: Ahh, the car for sure. After my qualifying run the gearbox got back to normal, so I could use the 7th gear on the race. And also, we were testing some parts of the 2006 car on this race, which seem not to have worked properly on the qualifying. I could even lower Vincenzi's pole-time! I believe that this, added to my will of catch my teammate on the WDC, helped me getting such performance and beat Vincenzi here.

WSRC: Vincenzi, your Pole had you pegged for a great performance today, but Rocha seemed to have made up time since qualifying to take victory here today? What can you say about this?

Vincenzi: Well, what can I say? His car was a bit unreal today. I won't comment beyond that...I'm glad to have taken my 3rd pole of the year though

WSRC: Finlay, a superb result today! yet another podium finish for you today! It looked like Glanville was going to run away with it until he spun midway through the race. Take us through those laps and when you ultimately snapped third from him?

Finlay: the start was good, although brian obviously made a better one and was able to pass me. on this track its near impossible to pass so i had to sit back and try and maintain the pressure on him. then yeah! off he went which let myself and my teammate through for some very much needed points! i must say i was a little bit miffed to see glanville get ahead of me though...

WSRC: Rocha, Team Arrows suffered slight setback with Glanville getting blacked flaged for bad lap data! How does this effect the team morale, knowing that Vincenzi, who is tied with you for second, has moved closer to Glanville in the points?

Rocha: I'm deeply sorry that this happened to Brian too. I recall seeing that dreadful flag when I was opening the last lap of the German GP. I thought my championship hopes were gone for good. Of course I could catch him back with today's events, but I'm not happy at all with the way it happened. We needed the points if we wanted to ensure our Constructors' Championship. You may say, "yeah but King was disqualified too so your lead actually increased". But if it was up to me, everybody would finish and get the points. Anyway, I hope Brian get good results on the coming races (preferrably second with me on the high step ) so we can get clear of Vincenzi on the Drivers' Championship and of Porsche, on the Constructor's Championship.

WSRC: Vincenzi, your threat is real now! Only 14 points separates you and Glanville and there is plenty of races left for you to make up that gap. What can you say about this?

Vincenzi: Things are indeed looking good, aren't they? Gotta be careful now, cause even thought he gap closed down considerably, Rocha is stepping on my toes, so gotta do better!

WSRC: Finlay, Team Porsche didn't quite get enough of a break today with Rocha coming home with the win! It's looking quite insurmountable that any attach on team Arrows wil garner enough points to win the Constructors Title! What can you say about that?

Finlay: it would appear that we dont have the outright pace at this stage of the season...arrows are very quick at the moment, as are team audi. its going to be very difficult to take points away from arrows if we continue to finish behind them.

WSRC: Finlay, your final thought for Team Porsche today?

Finlay: well...its disappointing to hear that king recieved a black flag for his efforts, and of course that doesnt help our constructors championship campaign.

WSRC: Vincenzi, and your final thought on coming in second?

Vincenzi: Well, I'm glad to have taken once again, a good position on the podium. I'm kinda bugged cause due to some problems in the past, I wasn't able to have a good amount of points...just the fact of not finishing Hockenheim, made me lose 10 possible gap could be of 4 points instead of I said, gotta do my best now.

WSRC: Rocha, it's another win for you! Lets have your final thoughts of the day?

Rocha: It was a great race for me after all. Even though Brian was disqualified, I got all the points I needed, and I ruled the race nonetheless! One thing that I want more than the WDC, though, is win 2 or more races in a row. Don't ask me why, I just feel like it!

- WSRC News



Vincenzi Takes Victory in Italy!

Welcome race fans around the world! Today, we have a beautiful day here in Monza as we get ready for todayís WSRC race. Qualifying delivered some interesting results this weekend that could give us a bit of a different race this time. So letís see! Diogo Vincenzi got the pole with a 1:18.604 followed by Henrique Rocha with a 1:18.704. 2nd row is Lonnie King and Brian Glanville. This pair here, have been having a very nice fight all along this season and it shows with the slight lead by King for the qualification. In the third row comes a lonely Iain Dalby.

So letís wait for the lights to turn black and we are off to the race! Race start goes off well and by the 2nd sector, Rocha jumps to the lead while Glanville makes a move to pass King. End of the first lap we have Rocha, followed by Vincenzi 5 tenths behind. Then comes Glanville a little over one second in front of King. A little further back we have Dalby. Lap 2 Rocha increases his lead on Vincenzi by two tenths, Glanville opens more to King and Dalby is still lagging behind. Lap 3 Rocha is now almost a second in front of Vincenzi, and Glanville is now 4 seconds ahead of King. Dalby still far behind. Looks like he might be having some problems with his car. Lap 4 Rocha maintains his lead and the difference between Vincenzi and Glanville is now 6 seconds. In turn Glanville opened his difference a bit more and is about 5 seconds in front of King. Dalby still far behind. His difference is some 11 seconds to King. Lap 5 comes and Vincenzi is able to get a bit closer to Rocha. And whoa! Glanville slipped of track allowing King to get past him! Will he be able to keep the position? Dalby still sits further back. Lap 6 Vincenzi lowers the gap to 5 tenths again while Glanville is able to pass King again. Dalby still running further back. Lap 7 the gap from Rocha to Vincenzi is only 2 tenths now! And Glanville gets off track again! King gets past him but with a bit more spare distance now. Dalby again, further back. Lap 8 Rocha is able to hold off Vincenzi while King holds off Glanville. Dalby is now 16 seconds behind Glanville. Lap 9 Rocha did a slight mistake and Vincenzi passes him! Great move there! King still in front of Glanville but Glanville is getting closer again. Dalby 20 seconds behind now. Lap 10 Vincenzi crosses the finish line 4 tenths ahead of Rocha! Glanville uses a mistake from King, passing him and comes in third. King crosses the finish line in 4th and oh my god! Dalby crashed on the last corner! Man was that unlucky! Well, race fans this is it. Weíll be seeing you again in two weeks time at the European GP at the Nurburing circuit. See you then!

Final Standings:

Diogo Vincenzi: 13:12.781
Henrique Rocha: 13:13.442
Brian Glanville: 13:42.394
Lonnie King: 13:44.470
Fastest Laps:

Henrique Rocha: 1:19.055
Diogo Vincenzi: 1:19.098
Brian Glanville: 1:20.657
Lonnie King: 1:21.811
Iain Dalby: 1:24.086

Current Season Standings

Driver's Championship:
Glanville 84
Vincenzi 74
Rocha 72
King 64
Finlay 53
Dalby 35
Bolman 19
Byrne 7
Basford 6

Constructors Championship:
Arrows 156
Porsche 117
Audi 74
KDR 35
Nokia 19
Clownpaint 13

- WSRC News



Italian GP post Race Press Conference!

WSRC - Vincenzi, a very nice race from you, and Rocha aswell, today. How did it feel to win here today?

Vincenzi - Thanks. It was a great race. Monza is a tough circuit with the long straights and slow corners. But we worked hard to get a good setup for the race and it paid off. I was having a small problem with the front left tire, as it was wearing out much faster then the others. Not sure what hapened there, so I was constantly changing the break balance to compensate for it. But it was good to win here, and also have the pole.

WSRC - Were you having to trouble to pass Rocha? Cause you only passed him when he made that slight mistake on the 9th lap.

Vincenzi - Rocha was really closing the field. And I didn't want to crash either, so I decided to play it safe. When he ran a bit wide I was able to find space and pass him.

WSRC - Rocha, you lost again the pole to Vincenzi. Was that a motivation to do your best at the race or a discouragement?

Rocha - I could've done much better on the race anyway.

WSRC - Rocha, In the last stages of the race, you started to slow down a bit after that wide corner. Did it have something to do with the car?

Rocha - It's not over yet.

WSRC - Glanville. Nice driving today, but you made two mistakes during the race that allowed King to pass you on both times. Were you having trouble with the car?

Glanville - Ironically, the car was running extremely well for me. I had good top end power and great cornering ability especially in the lesmos where normally i get acute understeer. Both my mistakes were just trying to hard. Unfortunately just went a little over the first chicane on the first corner and got 10 sec penalty for that (luckily it doesnt cost 10 seconds!!!)

WSRC - Glanville, on the last lap you were a lot quicker then King and seemed to be really pushing the car. Weren't you affraid of doing another mistake and losing the podium?

Glanville - Its kind of a weird thing but when i make a mistake driving, i want to drive quicker to make up the time. So i was pushing hard to cut back the gap a bit. Was delighted to be catch King on the last lap, i thought he had the measure of me in this race.

WSRC - Rocha, Vincenzi is again 2 points ahead of you. What's your thoughts on this?

Rocha - Yes, the tyres started losing pressure so there wasn't much I could do about it.

WSRC - Glanville, Vincenzi is only 10 points behind you now. Do you think you can keep the lead?

Glnaville - Its gotta be really difficult now, both Vincenzi and Rocha are in a different league in this championship. Its only really my consistency that has put me in this position. I'm delighted to have been the motivation for the 2 speed demons of the wsrc. I wish them both the best of luck in the remaining races, but to be sure i will be pushing as hard as i can to close those laptimes down.

WSRC - Vincenzi, as stated, only 10 points separate you and Glanville now. What's your prospects from here on?

Well, I think as long as the team and I can keep getting ahead of Glanville, we will get past him. My concern is with Rocha that can also win the fight here, but the car is working really well now and I think we have a good chance to do good here.

WSRC - Thanks gentleman, and good luck on the next race!

- WSRC News



Can Team BMW Arrows Win Both Titles?

The 2005 WSRC Season, is coming to down to the wire and after this weekends European GP, only three races remain; Belgium, Japan and Australia, to finish things up. Team BMW Arrows hold a comfortable 39 point advantage over Team Porsche, the only other team with a chance at winning the Constructors title this season. But team Porsche's hopes are dwindling fast and With Team BMW Arrows being the powerhouse team that they have been all season long, it isn't looking any good for Team Porsche at all.

Mean while, Team BMW Arrows driver, Brian Glanville, has his work cut out for him if he is to keep his lead and win the Drivers Title! His 84 points only gives him a 10 point lead over Team Audi Driver, Diogo Vincenzi, who has the most wins this season with five. Second in that standing is third place driver Henrique Rocha, with four wins and who is only two points behind Vincenzi. Lonnie King, fourth and Matt Finlay, fifth, are still within range of the title but it is very unlikely that they could gain the points needed.

Looking on to 2006, things could get even more exciting for the WSRC as two new teams have signed on. Michael Adenekan is driver and owner of Eclipse Motorsports, and had entered in the British GP this year, to no avail, as he stalled his car on the grid! But test performances by Adenekan have shown that he could very well be a contender next season. Team Porsche driver, Matt Finlay, announced that we was leaving Team Porsche to startup Holden Motorsports, next season. Further news told that Finlay had signed Reece Byrne, the ex Team Clownpaint Driver, who had a very good showing at the begining of the 2005 season, until the team bowed out of the championship.

Team Porsche, are closing up shop as Team Audi F1 have bought up the team contingeant and signed Lonnie King as their number two driver. This pairing could prove a formidable matchup against Team BWM Arrows in 2006.

KDR Porsche, were close to signing on Tom Marcinek, wich could have only helped the single driver team, but things fell trough in the end and Iain Dalby, is once again searching for a second driver.

- WSRC News



Rocha's Victory Heats Up The Title Chase!

WSRC - Good afternoon race fans! Welcome to the European GP. The 14th round of the 2005 WSRC season! Lets get down to the grid and see where the drivers tand. On pole position for the fifth time this season, Diogo Vincenzi, is looking to keep his points lead over Henrique Rocha, sitting in the number two spot. In the third, Matt FInlay and fourth Lonnie King, could play spoiler in the Championship points as Brian Glanville Sits, fifth on the grid. In Sixth is Iain Dalby. The Green lights are on and any moment they will go out, starting the 2005 WSRC European GP. It's a go! Rocha picks up the early lead on lap one followed closely be Vincenzi. Glanville and King slip by Finlay and Dlay is a bit slow off the start. Lap two, Rocha leads Vincenzi by almost two seconds. Glavnille sits four seconds back While King holds off teammate Finlay by less then a tenth of a second. Dalby is six seconds back from the dualing Porsche's. Lap three, Rocha still leads Vincenzi by two seconds, The battle for third is really heating up. Glanville Leads Finlay by almost a second and King is half a second behin Finlay. Dlaby is about ten seconds back from them. Lap four, Rocha puls out another seconds on Vincenzi and Glavnille is about six seconds back. Finlay leads King by a seconds and loney Dalby is falling further off the pace. Lap five, the halfway point and Rocha picsk off another second on Vincenzi. Glanville is starting to pull away from the Porsche's. Finaly and King are fighting for every inch of the track. It doesn't look like this team has any race roders! Dlaby is really off the pace today! Lap six, Rocha holds steady against Vincenzi. Glanville is in third, and King beats out Finlay to the line, by a nose. If only Dalby could figure out what's going on. Lap seven, Rocha's leads on Vincenzi opens to almost seven seconds. Glavnille has a four seconds lead on Finlay as King slips up a bit. Dalby needs to fine some speed! Lap eight, three to to! Rocha holds his lead on Vincenzi while Glavnille pulls further away from the Porsche's, with Finlay leading that battle by a mere second. Dalby is about 22 seconds back. Lap nine, two to go! Eight seconds seperate Rocha and Vincenzi. Seven seconds separates Glanville and Finlay while King sits just two seconds behind Finlay. Dalby is now 23 secodns back. The This is it! The final lap! Rocha wins the European GP by about eight seconds. Vincenzi comes in seconds, followed by Glavnille, in third, some fourteen seconds back. In fourth is Finlay with teamamte King coming in just about fourth tenths slower. Dlaby finishes up the field coming in 26 secodns back.

Finlay Standings

Rocaha - 12:05:449
Vincenzi - 12:13:199
Ginaville - 12:28:183
Finlay - 12:37:920
King - 12:38:458
Dalby - 13:05:016
Fastest Laps

Rocha - 1m12.180
Vincenzi - 1:13.127
Gianville - 1:14.095
King - 1:14.779
Finlay - 1:14.985
Dalby - 1:17.141

Current Season Standings

Driver's Championship:
Glanville 90
Vincenzi 82
Rocha 82
King 68
Finlay 58
Dalby 38
Bolman 19
Byrne 7
Basford 6

Constructors Championship:
Arrows 172
Porsche 126
Audi 82
KDR 38
Nokia 19
Clownpaint 13

- WSRC News



Hungarian GP post Race Press Conference!

WSRC - WElcome gentlemen and congratulations to Henrique Rocha, for winning the European GP!

WSRC - Rocha, you commanded this race from start to finish? The road ahead isn't going to be easy and you can be sure Vincenzi, won't let this victory go unchallenged? How do you attack the final three races of the season?

Rocha - Well, it'll be all or nothing for me! I haven't came this far to give up now. Not only my major rival this year is as close to be champion as me, but my teammate is there too, and man, with his strong finishes, it'll be quite hard for me to prevent him to get the crown. And, nonetheless, he just drives the same car as me!

WSRC - Vincenzi, same question. How do you attach the final three races of the season.

Vincenzi - Well, the last 3 races actually left the team a bit worried about the car. While we are still very competitive, BMW seems to have a better performance in race. So what we are going to do is try and make some changes to our aero package and see if we can match that difference again for the following races. For my part, some rather clever driving will be in order!

WSRC - Glanville, only eight points separates you from both Rocha and Vinenzi! Is there any stopping them? What do you see yourselfe having to do to hold onto your lead?

Glanville - Well maybe if i take them both out in the first corner of the next few races i may have a chance!! I cant see myself holding the lead. The competition really is very strong, and though i'm confident of my own ability, i also have to be realistic. But to answer the question, i need to keep doing what i am doing.

WSRC - Rocha, You've evened up the odds with Vincenzi, with this victory! With three rounds left, the two of you will be eyeing that world title. What are your thoughts?

Rocha - Not only Vincenzi and me, Brian is there too! The three remaining races will be win-or-wall to me. I can't afford losing any more points.

WSRC - Vincenzi, it would seem that Rocha had the upper hand today and you are both tied in the drivers title and with five wins a piece! Obviously, you need to win to regain the advantage! What are your thoughts on this matter?

Vincenzi - Well, as I said, we'll have to do our best and try to win the remaining races of the season. It'll be harder now of course, but that's our aim.

WSRC - Glanville, both you and Rocha, have had a fenominal year! The team is on the verge of the Constructors title. Another finish like this or better and Team BMW Arrows will have the Constructors Champioship! You stepped up your efforts in Rocha's absence and brought home three victories for the team. How would you sum up your season today?

Glanville - I've had a much more competitive season than i thought i would. I'm proud of my performances and my victories. I'm delighted i've been able to make a big contribution in the constructors.

WSRC, Vincenzi, Your final thoughts on todays race?

Vincenzi - The car was good and reliable, with no problems. It just wasn't as fast as Rocha's BMW. So, we have to catch up with him again.

WSRC - Rocha, same question. Your final thoughts?

Rocha - I hope I can keep this pace on the other races. I just have to figure out why the he££ my car has lost its one-lap qualifying stunning performance, thing that was clear it had on the beginning of the season. Anyway, another win to me and another 4 points taken away from my teammate. If it wasn't Vincenzi, I could say "things are looking good to me". Well, see you at Spa and, get your umbrellas ready!

- WSRC News



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