Vincenzi wins an eventful Monaco GP!

Welcome race fans to 2005 WSRC Monaco GP. Another gorgeous day for racing and it will be an exciting race to whatch as six drivers line up on the grid. On pole for the sixtrh time this season is Henrique Rocha. Behind him is Matt Finlay.In third position is Iain Dalby who is enjoying his best race start of the season. Behind him in fourth is Brian Glanville followed by Diogo Vinceinzi in Fifth, who qualified 2nd but because his entry was late was penalized and so too was King who sits in Sixth. The lights are on, and we are racing in Monaco! Vincenzi gets an amazing start and by the seconds lap he leads the Monaco GP followed by Rocha. Two seconds back is Finlay follwed by Glanville King and Dalby. Lap two, Vincenzi leads Rocha by just over a second. Finlay, in third Lead Glanville by the same amount and another second back is King follwed by Dalby who is really off the pace. Lap three, Vincenzi holds his lead over Rocha and five seconds back in Finaly who is holding off a hard charging Glanville. Five seconds from them is King who in turn is eight seconds ahead of Dalby. Lap four, Vincenzi pulls out another seconds on Rocha. Finlay loses out to Glanville by 3 tenths of a second bringing Glanville up to third. Seven seconds back is King and ten second back from him is Dalby. Both of them seem to be a bit of the pace. Lap five, three seconds separate Vinceniz from Rocha. Glanville is eleven seconds back from their fight. OOOHHH, Finlay has a slight run in with the wall but everything looks ok and he's back underway and just barely gets it together as King nearly gets by. Dalby is 15 seconds back from King. Lap six, Vincenzi loses a bit of time to Rocha on that last lap aloowing Rocha to close in a bit. Glanville is now thirteen seconds behind them and just a few seconds separate him and Finlay while King sits four seconds behind Finlay. Dalby now 21 seconds behind King. Lap seven, Vincenizi opens his leadd up againts Rocha and Glanville is ahead of Finlay by six seconds. Five seconds behind and his teammakte King, crosses the line and 23 seconds later we see Dalby finish up the field. Onto lap eight, Vincenzi is holding his lead over Rocha. GLanville, sitting 15 seconds behind them is leading Finlay by six seconds and eight seconds back from Finlay is King. Dalby finish up his lap 24 seconds later. Lap nine, two to go and Vincenzi Leads Rocha by four seconds. Glavnille holds his lead to Finlay while king holds his ground behind on Finlay. And lonely, lonely Dalby, has the track all to himself, 32 seconds back. The final Lap, Vincenzi wins the 2005 Monaco GP by almost five seconds over Rocha. Glavnille crosses the line 19 seconds later, follwed by Finlay four seconds after that. 11 seconds later we see King cross the finish line and 26 seconds later Dalby complets his race. The series will take a three week break and will be back,at the Hungarian GP on August 27th. As for the season results, here's how things stack up.

Fastest laps

Vincenzi 1:13.116
Rocha 1:13.315
Finlay 1:15.182
Glanville 1:15.189
King 1:16.425
Dalby 1:18.614

Drivers Points

Glanville 78
King 59
Vincenzi 56
Rocha 54
Finlay 47
Dalby 35
Bolman 19
Byrne 7
Basford 6

Constructors points

Arrows 132
Porsche 106
Audi 56
KDR 35
Nokia 19
Clownpaint 13

- WSRC News



Monaco GP post Race Press Conference!

WSRC - Welcome gentleman to the Monaco GP Post Race Press Conference. We saw a few passing incidences this weekend, which made for an exciting race! Anyway, on with the questions!

WSRC - Vincenzi, Congratualtions for winning the Monaco GP. First off, You submitted a late result for qualifying which put you at the back of the grid with King, but obviously that didn't stir you one bit! you pulled off a suprising victory today! Take us through the opening lap?

Vincenzi - Thanks! It was a very dificult race for me. After coming back to the championship and getting a 2nd place at Silverstone, and then not being able to race again in Hockenheim, winning here was really my priority. Due to a number of problems, we were only able to test very little and so my chances were tough. I'm glad that even with the problems we had, we got a win here.

As for the opening lap, I had sat my mind to be really agressive. So I saw some space in the field and went for it. I think it paid off really well in the end!

WSRC - Rocha, were you a bit suprised to see Vinceniz right behind you at the first turn and then to see him pass you? What ere you hoping for to get back in front?

Rocha - I can't afford to lose any more pole-positions I get. Now I guess I'll have to do miracles if I still want anything in the WDC.

WSRC - Glanville, You came in third today after dueling with Finlay early on. How does it feel finally having the Porshe drivers behind you once again?

Glanville - Well, to be honest i think once again i have had some luck in beating Finlay. He was at least as quick as me and it was only due to the slight mistake he made, that i was able to get past. For the constructors its good to be able to keeping beating the porsches as they are strong competition.

WSRC - Vincenzi, you are now 22 points behind Glanville, in the drivers championship! What do you need to do to take that advantage away from Glanville, as the season goes into the closing stages of the season?

Vincenzi - I need to get the best result possible in every race. That means I can't afford to not participate in any of the races we have left and I need to win quite a few of them. It won't be easy, but I'm hoping it'll be fun!

WSRC - Rocha, I can see you would have really wanted to win here today and Keep the precious points coming in to gain ground on your teammate! How does coming in seconds today change your plans in the title chase?

Rocha - Nothing has changed to be honest. My plans before the race were to win every single race in the championship, and they still are. Now I just want Vincenzi second to me and Brian far behind (wow I could never imagine I'd say this). I'll be happy if my teammate is champion but, as I've stated in the press conference right on the first race, I'll never be happy with the second step on the podium, as you could see here, because second, in my point of view, is just the first one who didn't accomplish his goals (or the first loser if you prefer). But hey I still hold the pole-positions record, so I'll have something to be proud of if I manage to keep this.

WSRC - Glanville - you've got a hungry bunch of drivers who want the title that you have a feasible chance of getting yourself. What can you do to improve your performance and Keep the other from gaining ground on you?

Glanville - Well, to be honest i didnt think i'd even be in this position at this stage of the season, but i am. So on that logic i should continue doing what i'm doing. There are quite a few drivers who are certainly fighting hard to catch up, but for me knowing their speed i have to realise that second place is probably a win for me. But i will always try my very best and see where that leaves me. Plus, we're coming to some very strong circuits for me where you can be sure the gap in laptimes will be nowhere near as much as it was in this race.

WSRC - Rocha, Team Arrows, is looking very likely to take the Constructors chamionship, now 26 points ahead of closet rival team Porsche. What can you say about this?

Rocha - It's great indeed. I think both Glanville and me have worked very hard and we deserve this lead. A few minutes before the race I told Brian that his lead wouldn't last (didn't mean to start war against my teammate of course). I hope we can increase the gap with my attitude... [laughs]

WSRC - Glanville, do you have anything to add to Rocha's comments on the team?

Glanville - Well i'd like to thank him for his support Also, i'd like to add that certainly his ability in the car has pushed me to try harder and also seeing the laptimes that are being achieved by him, also shows me that they are possible, which to be honest has pushed me beyond my previous seasons bests in each race

WSRC - Vincenzi, I fear that the Constructors title is out of the question for team Audi, this year, but all that aside, you won the Monaco GP! Your final thoughts!

Vincenzi - Yes, that's unfortunate, but what can we do, with only one driver? Hopefully by next year, I can find myself a second driver and see if we can do better. My aim right now is winning the championship title or in the worst of all cases a second place at best. But I'm hoping it won't come to that! All in all, a very good race for me today.

- WSRC News



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