Rocha Returns to WSRC and Wins the British GP!

Weclome race fans to the 2005 British GP at the beautiful Silverstone circuit and what a gorgeous day it is! Qualifying for this race was absolutely astounding as the top driver were mear tenths of a second from one another. Here is how they will line up for todays race! Rocha gets pole by Vincenzi less then 2 tenths. Finlay sits in Third just shy of 8 thenths back. In Fourth is Glanville who is 2 tenths behing Finaly. King and Dalby are 5th and 6th respectively. But on the back of the grid is a newcomer to the WSRC, Michael Adenekan. His qualifying time would have placed him third on the grid, but he was a late entry so he is placed at the back of the grid. I susspect that we will see Adenekan make his way up through the field as he's much faster then some of the guys in front of him. Well, the the race is about to biging. The lights are on!... And we're racing at Silverstone! Oh my goodness, Michael Adenekan car has stopped on the grid! What a terrible way to start his season. I'm sure he is very upset about that. Rocha, takes the early lead but is followed closely by Vincenzi, Finlay and Glanville. King and Dalby finish up the field. Lap two, Rocha extends his lead by a few thens of a second. Vincenze is getting preassure from Finay and Glanville! King's pace picks up a bit and Dalby's no faster then the lap before putting a couple of seconds behind king. Lap three, Rocha is now two seconds ahead of Vincenzi and Finaly putting a lot of pressure on Vincenzi. Glanville is almost 8tenths behing Finlay. Five seconds back we see King followed by Dalby, about four seconds be him. Lap four, Rocha now three seconds ahead of Vincenzi and Finlay who are side by side, a mear two one hundredths of a second separate the two. Glanville sits two seconds back from them. King, now six seconds back from Glanville leads Dalby by almost five seconds. Lap five, we are at the halfway point and Rocha now four seconds ahead of the duel between Vincenzi and Finlay, neither one wanting to give up their position. These two are giving us some exciting racing!!! Glanville site two seconds behind them and ten seconds back is King followed by Dalby who picks up a seconds on King. Lap six, Rocha is five seconds ahead of Vincenzi and Finlay who are still not giving one another any room!!! Glanville holds steady behind them and dropping off from the rest of the field is King and Dalby. Lap seven, Rocha holds his lead and Vincenzi and Finlay are just as determined as ever! I don't know how they can keep this up!!! Meanwhile, with the two of them battling it out Glanville closes in on them a little. Some 14 seconds back we seen King still leading Dalby by four seconds. Lap 8, Rocha's lead has opened up to almost seven seconds and I just can get over the fight we have for seconds place! It's has been non-stop!!! Everywhere you go, there's Vincenzie and Finlay, side by side! Just incredible!!! Glavnille is now within a second of them so they better whatch out or they will see the black and red Arrow's fly by them!!! I've got so say that King and Dalby must be dissapointed that they cannot keep pace with everyone else. King. himself, has been doing so well in the mid season and it's starting to unravel for him. Lap nine, two to go, Rocha holds his lead to the fighting duo of Vincenzi and Finlay. But at any moment Glanville could strike and pass they them both! King and Dalby finish up the field with one lap to go! Here he is , on his last lap and Rocha, has won the British GP and by almost 3 tenths of a second Vincenzi holds off Finlay, followed by Glavnilel a seconds back. King crosses the line 21 seconds later and five seconds later we see Dalby. Race fans, it just doesn't get any better then this!!!! Unbelievable!!!

The final results are as follows:

Rocha 13:03:816
Vinceizi 13:10:814
Finlay 13:11:286
Glnaville 13:12:524
King 13:33:825
Dalby 13:38:459
Adenekan DNF

Fastest Laps

Rocha 1:18.117
Vincenzi 1:18.462
Finlay 1:18.850
Glanville 1:18.625
King 1:20.461
Dalby 1:21.076

Driver's Title

Brian Glanville 62
Lonnie King 47
Diogo Vincenzi 46
Henrique Rocha 46
Iain Dalby 32
Matt Finlay 34
DaniŽl Bolman 19
Reece Byrne 7
Jack Basford 6

Constructors Title

Team Arrows 108
Team Porsche 83
Team Audi 46
Team KDR 32
Team Nokia 19
Team Clownpaint 13
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British GP Post Race Press Conference!

WSRC: Welcome gentlemen to the WSRc British GP post race press conference and a welcome back Rocha and Vincenzi.

WSRC: Rocha, You lead from start to finish and made it look easy! Tell us how you prepared for this race!

Rocha - Well I'm delighted that I could win the British GP after being away for 3 races. I've worked hard in the free practice sessions to fine-tune the revised version of the A25B and, man, it surely paid off! I think I won here with a 7-second lead mainly because of my setup, which I struggled to adjust as I've lost all the data from previous races and test sessions. But everything went way better than I could ever expect, so I have nothing to complain about.

WSRC: Vincenzi, you had quite a challenge on your hands with Finlay. things certainly have changed since the begining of the season! Did you ever think that a Porsche driver would be challenging you for a podium finish?

Vincenzi - First of all, it's really good to be back. After my crash at Barcelona, I was unable to race for the next race and then our car started to have a few stablility problems that left us out of the other races. It went to show this race aswell, with the obvious superior car from Arrows. As for the question, I never doubted the capabilities of the Porsche engines and drivers. I think it's great that they are able to come close to the front field now and compete for a good place on the championship.

WSRC: Finlay, You have done a remarkable job and have improved quite tremendously from the begining of the season. Tell us what it was like, racing against Vincenzi?

Finlay -it was a good fight between us, his car was as wide as a mack truck which made things difficult, then at the end i had to defend against brian as well. interesting race and probably my best race yet.

WSRC: Rocha, Both you and Vincenzi are tied for third place in the championship after sitting out the mid season and your teammate, Glanville has held the torch for the team since you've been away! tell us how you feel about your chances for the rest of the season?

Rocha - The championship's still open. There are many races to the end of the season, so plenty of opportunities to catch Brian in the fight for the championship. However I have to be careful about Vincenzi. We're tied, what means that he has just the same chances of being champion as I do. And with Adenekan's return to the competition, after leaving it even before it started, it won't be that easy to score enough points for the championship. No break for the S„o Paulo's boy... [laughs]

WSRC: Vincenzi, With your absence, the other teams have pulled ahead a bit on the Constructor Championship and tied with Rocha, for third, in the Drivers Championship, where do you see Team Audi, in the near future?

Vincenzi - Well, I never aimed for a constructor championship. Even though it would be really good, with one driver this would be really hard. My aim now is to get the best possible place in the drivers table, if possible the cup.

WSRC: Finlay: Do you feel that with Rocha and Vincenzi back and the fact that you were able to preassure Vincenzi throughout the race, give you the confidence to that you and team Porsche are not just another team in the field?

Finlay - it was great to see rocha and vincenzi back in the series, adeneken as well. i think team porsche have made some great gains over the course of the year, we were probably assisted with the engine regulation changes.

WSRC: Finlay, also, tell us were you see your team in the coming races! Are you feeling another victory coming to you?

Finlay - i think porsche are on the improvement and my motivation hasnt been higher. i know myself and king will work our best to ensure some good results, but on my part, as for another victory, it would be fanciful i think if rocha and vincenzi remain strong.

WSRC: Vincenzi, With the field closing up in the points, every place matters! You must be thrilled that team Audi is back in the hunt! Give you final thoughts for todays race!

Vincenzi - I'm glad to be back, today's race was really exciting as we saw and it was a great battle back there holding Finlay. The car was not up to what I wanted and I only developed its full potential on the last lap with the 1:18.462 I did. So now we gotta do a better job setting up the car and hopefully grab a win there next race.

WSRC: Rocha, again congratulations for winning the British GP! Please give us your final thoughths?

Rocha - Hadn't we seriously revised the A25B for this race, my victory wouldn't have been so easy. I think our car has what it needs to challenge for the win in Silverstone-like circuits. However I have no idea of how things will be at the super-fast Hockenheim circuit, neither at the tight Hungaroring, so I can't be sure of anything. I've done some laps at Hockenheim, so I can see the car's behaviour in high speed. Let's wait and see.

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Rocha's Disqualified,Glanville Victorious in Germany!

Welcome race fans to the 2005 WSRC German Grand Prix! It's an expeptional day for racing and everyones ready to go! They will line up as follows: Vincenzi is on the Pole with Rocha in second. In third is Glanville followed by Finaly is fourth. King finishes up the grid in fifth. The lights are on and we are racing here in Germany! Oh my goodness! Vincenzi's car has stopped dead on the start finish line! What a terrible, terrible misshap! Rocha takes full advantage of this and is now leading the race followed by teammate Glanville. Finlay is in third followed by King. Lap two, Rocha leads by four seconds ahead Glanville. Finlay is two seconds back and his teammate King is about two and half seconds back. Lap three, Rocha's lead is almost five seconds now and Glanville leads Finlay by about three seconds. King finishes up the lap just barely holding on. Lap four, Rocha has really opend up his lead on Glanville to about seven seconds. Finlay is four seconds back followed by his teammate King, who is now five seconds back. Lap five, Rocha is eight seconds ahead of Glavnille. Finlay is seven seconds behind Glanville and King holds his pace. Lap six, halfway there, almost nine seconds separete Rocha from Glanville and almost eight seconds separate Glanville and Finlay. King loses another second to his teammate. Lap seven, Rocha is eleven seconds ahead of glanville now. Finlay follows up Glavnille by eight seconds and in turn leads King by nine seconds! Lap eight, some thirteen and half seconds separate our leader, Rocha from his teammate Glanville. Finlay spins and looses of time allowing his teammate, King who passes him. Lap nine, two laps to go! Rocha holds his pace on Glanville. A distant 21 seconds back is King and Finlay spins again! That's really going to cost him! Final lap, What's this, they're throwing the black flag for Rocha! oh my goodness, we'll have to find out what that's all about! In the sircumstance, Glanville is your Winner followed by King and Finlay finishes up the field!. This is just too bad for Rocha! To have victory in your grasp and just like that it's taken away!

Here are the final Results:

Glanville 16:14:051

King 16:45:387
Finlay 16:37:209
Rocha - Disqualified (Lap 9 not in succession do to fuel lap reading of 12.4)
Vincenzi - DNF

Fastest laps

Rocha 1:35.158
Glanville 1:36.841
Finlay 1:37.830
King 1:38.467

Drivers Points

Glanville 72
King 55
Vincenzi 46
Rocha 46
Finlay 42
Dalby 32
Bolman 19
Byrne 7
Basford 6

Constructors points

Arrows 118
Porsche 97
Audi 46
KDR 32
Nokia 19
Clownpaint 13

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