Glanville Victorious at Indy!

Welcome race fans, to the 2005 WSRC United States Grand Prix. We've got a very small field today with onyl three drivers competing. Vincenzi's equipment, for Team Audi, wasn't ready for todays race and KDR Team owner and driver, Iain Dalby, is out with a hand injury. The grid for todays race is as follows. Glanville has the pole position followed by Matt Finlay. In third position os Lonnie King. The lighs are on,... We're racing at Indianapolis. Finlay takes te early lead from Glanville by just three tesnts of a second and king is about a second back from them. Lap two, Finlay hold his lead over Glanville and king is now two seconds behind them. Lap three, Finlay, now has a two second lead over Glanville and King has a minor slip into the grass causing him time. Lap four see's Finlay hold his lead to Glanville as King fals another second back. Lap five, Finlay now has a six and half second lead over Glanville and King is eleven seconds back. Lap six, Glanville cuts into Finlay's lead. Now FInlay leads by only seconds. King is really struggling with his car today, now thirteen seconds back. Lap seve, Finlay holds his lead over Glanville and King spins on that laps. Lap eight and Finlay is extends his lead to seven seconds over Glanville. King is now 18 seconds behind Glanville. Lap nine, Finlay hols his lead over Glanville and King is just not having a good day today. Lap team, Finlay spins and regains himself but Glavnille wins the race by two seconds and King finally comes in third, about a lap down. What an interesting race this turned out to be. Hopefully we will have a mroe robust field at our next event.

The finals results are as follows:

Glanville 13:48:685
Finlay 13:50:111
King 14:36:027

Flastest laps
Finlay 1:21.798
Glanville 1:22.367
King 1:23.119

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US GP Post Race Press Conference!

WSRC - Welcome Gentlemen, to the post race press conference for the United States Grand Prix. Glanville, congratulations on your maiden victory in the WSRC and you are now leading the World Championship! How do you feel?

Glanville - Must admit i'm shocked i'm now leading the world championship. Before the race started i hadnt contemplated taking my first win or leading the championship, never mind winning in the rain.

WSRC - Finlay, You ran a magnificant race, almost winning but spun on the final laps! Take us through what happened?

Finlay - well, the start was good, we knew we would have a great chance at another victory today, and for the most part, we seemed to be on track. the car was stable and consistent and i wasnt pushing especially hard either, just keeping it on the road really. umm..then...well last lap, i just braked a tad too late in one of the corners and i lost the back end really. my fault really... all in all it was a difficult weekend. we had an electronics failure on friday which limited my running, then as a result of that the engine failed shortly after. on saturday we had another electronics problem, but i was able to qualify and race with sufficient reliability. its a problem we'll be assessing back at the factory for sure.

WSRC - King, you seemed to have trouble with your car today! Can you give us some insight as to what was going on?

King - Well, first off I am very dissapointed in my race today! In practice and in qualifying I was much faster then that! I think that the mistakes came from my being off the pace and trying to push the car a bit to hard to catch back up. I struggled with keeping the tail of the car where it should be and ultimately that cost me a lot of time.

WSRC - Glavnille, Did you expect to see Finlay get the early lead of the race and to be that much quicker then you?

Glanville - I honestly thought that i was capable of very competitive times here, but Matt has really got everything working perfectly in his porsche car the last few races. He seems to thrive in the rain, and has shown huge improvements. I feel terrible for Matt, he was in a league of his own today, and really drove a fantastic race. When i came around on lap ten and moved past him though, I wasnt too unhappy

WSRC - Finlay, You have no doubt picked up your game in these past few races. Winning on Montreal and nearly winning here in the US. What can you tell us about that?

Finlay - the last races have been full of problems really, for me, ive struggled at some tracks, spain in particular is not a favourite of mine and i just couldnt get the car to work. certainly the rain has helped here, i enjoy racing in the wet.

WSRC - King, You are now third in the drivers title! With Rocha, taking a bit of a sbaticle and Vincenzi not running the last few races, what are your thoughts on where you stand?

King - Well, obviously with the likes of both Rocha and Vincenzi, missing from the grid, we have been able to capitolize and bring the title chase closer. But we've still got a lot of work to do. However, if and when they do come back, they will be a serious threat! But I do very much enjoy their company non the less and would like to challenge them once again.

WSRC - Finlay, You have undoubtably helped Team Porsche get to where the are in the Constructors points. With the French, British and German Grand Prix races next on the calander, as the teams head back to Europe, what insight can you give us?

Finlay - well, i think we'll be strong in britain. i must admit the french track is not one of my favourites, i'll be praying for rain! GB, we should be reasonably competitive, umm...germany at hockenheim, well we're still down a few horses in the engine department, but hopefully we can get a good result.

WSRC - Glanville, Your final thoughts on your win here today?

Glanville - Well, i really am chuffed. Its difficult to describe, but i feel very proud. When the irish national anthem played, i couldnt help but feel that i want more of this feeling! I hope to keep up the momentum and keep challenging, with the work the team and especially Henrique has put in, i hope i can continue to do them justice.

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Glanville wins second in a row in France!

Welcome race fans to 2005 WSRC French Grand Prix! The rain just hasn't let up in thes past few races and the French Grand Prix is no exception. They will line up as follows. Brian Glanville sits on Pole and Matt Finlay sits in second position. Finlay has really been heping Team Porsche improve their constructors points and in the rain he is one to watch out for. In the seconds row, Dalby sits in third and King, even though he qualified faster then Dalby, King qualified late and sits 4th on the grid. They are all in position. The gow out and were underway here in France! Finlay gets the early lead followed by King, after Glanville slipped up on that lap and Dalby having his own dofficulties here in these rain soaked conditions. Lap two, Finlay still lead and Glavnille overtakes King and Dalby finishs up the lineup. 10 Seconds separates the field from first to forth. Lap three, Glavnill back in control and Finlay slips up a bit but maganes to maintain his position. King is five seconds behind his teammate and Dalby is 17 seconds back. Lap 4, Glanville leads Finlay by 12 seconds. King is sixteed seconds behind Finlay and Dalby has fallen behind even further, now 26 seconds behind King. Lap 5, Glanville leads Finlay by 14 seconds now. King 23 seconds behind his teammate and Dalby is 30 behind King. Lap 6 and Glanville still lead Finlay, now around 17 seconds separate them. King and Dlaby just can't keep the pace today. Both are falling way behind. Lap 7 and Fnaly loses a few more seconds to Glanville while King and Dalby finish up the lap. Lap 8, Finlay spins off momentarily allowing to Glanville to open up a 31 seconds lead. 49 seconds separate King and Dalby who are really falling behind. Lap 9, only two laps to go. Glavnille has a 32 seconds lead of Finlay and King and Dalby way back! Finlay lap This ones a no brainer! lavnille victories on France as Finaly crosses the line 28 seconds later. King crosses the line 36 seconds back from he teammate and Dalby finishes 1 minute and 6 seconds back from King.

Finish times:

Glavnille 14:06:164
Finlay 14:34:907
King 15:10:978
Dalby 16:17:175

Fastest laps

Glanville 1:22.968
Finlay 1:24.876
King 1:27:711
Dalby 1:34.638

Drivers Title

Brian Glanville 57
Lonnie King 43
Diogo Vincenzi 38
Henrique Rocha 36
Iain Dalby 29
Matt Finlay 28
DaniŽl Bolman 19
Reece Byrne 7
Jack Basford 6

Constructors Title

Team Arrows 93
Team Porsche 73
Team Audi 38
Team KDR 29
Team Nokia 19
Team Clownpaint 13

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French GP Post Race Press Conference!

Welcome gentlemen to the French Grand Prix post race press conference. Glanville was our winner today and the Porsche drivers Finlay and King finished seconds and third respectivly.

WSRC = Glanville Congratulations to your second win in a row! You were fastest in Qualifying and fastes in the race. Take us through that opening lap where you had trouble and Finaly was able to slip by?

Glanville - Well, what can i say? Everything went perfectly this weekend. We had a great package and the car really was very competitive, even in the hazardous conditions. The team did a great job. I'm chuffed to get my second win. I was very slow off the start line and had Finlay come up on the inside. He was ahead almost instantly and then Lonnie with a very late braking manuveur managed to pass me into the hairpin. Looked great even from my position. First lap was a toughie for me

WSRC = Finlay, You had the pace but you two had a couple of moments out on the track. Can you take us through those?

Finlay - yeah, i got a great start, was able to pass glanville into the first corner, very close racing and im surprised we didnt touch. i knew i had to settle down and find a rhythm and try and keep the lead, but glanville was always challenging putting me under huge pressure and he finally got past in a well timed manouever. he was obviously faster than me but i felt that if i kept pushing a bit it may put him under a little pressure, and maybe he would make a mistake, but he didnt and full credit to him today!

WSRC = King you finished a distant third! Can you tell us what went wrong for you today?

King = Well, I'm a bit disgusted with my performance today. I fought with the car on many occassions. I think I only put in a few decent laps but other then that it was hardest for me to keep my speed up in the first sector. It wasn't until the final lap that I really started to feel comfortable with the track and the way the car was performing.

WSRC = Glanville, now you lead the world Championship! You must be very pleased! Though with rumors that Diogo is coming back very soon, maybe even in the next race in Britain, do you think you will be able to give him a good run?

Glanville - Never thought i'd be leading the wsrc, makes me very proud. With Diogo coming back things will be more difficult, but if i can just do my own thing and hopefully take some points off him, i could win this. But theres a lot to do yet. To be honest, i think Belgium is my next really good track, i'm not too great at Silverstone so should be interesting. It'll be damage limitation there i think, i'll be happy with 3rd or so.

WSRC = Finlay, on lap 6 you went off and lost much needed time to Glanville! Can you take us through that moment? What went wrong?

Finlay - it happened in the chicane after adelaide hairpin, and that was a really difficult corner because the downchanges had to be near perfect or else the car would become unbalanced. unfortunately in my haste to slow the car down, i changed down one too many times, the back end started drifting out and i spun off into the gravel trap, fortunately not damaging the car. the team thought there was damage and called me to come in but that would've meant losing places to king and dalby, so i pressed on. very difficult conditions today, im pleased with 2nd.

WSRC = King, Team Porsche has really benefitted from much of what has transpied this season. You are closing the gap on Team Arrows now only 24 points behind! Could there be a possibility of a Constructors title?

King = Well it's too soon to tell! Much could happen late in the season but as things stand they look pretty good? The team has done an exceptional job and we've had some really good races. with the possibility of Diogo coming back things could get mixed up a bit but we will do our best?

WSRC = Glanville, we are just past the halfway point in the season, can you feel the hopes of bringing the World Championship to team Arrows and to your home country?

Glanville - Well, you've got to admire the determination and dramatic improvement of the Porsche lately. It's going to be difficult to maintain the constructors championship with Henrique still unavailable. But who knows maybe he can be persauded to return!! We'll have to wait and see.

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