Finlay leads a Porsche one-two to victory in a wet Canadian grand Prix!

Welcome race fans to the 2005 WSRC Canadian Grand Prix. It turned out to be another rainy day for the series but this time things got underway smootly. Here is how they will line up on the grid. Matt Finlay takes his first pole of the season and right along side him is Iain Dalby. In row two is Lonnie King, followed by Brian Glanville. The light are out and the race is on! Finlay gets away cleanly as teammate Lonnie King overtakes Iain Dalby on the first lap. Brian Glanville comes across the line in 4th. Lap two sees Finlay 3 seconds ahead of his teammate and Dalby 3 seconds behind King. Glanville, now ten seconds back has not had a good start to this race. Lap three, Finlay extends his lead to five seconds on King. Dalby sits 6 seconds back and Glanville is now 21 seconds back. Lap four, Finlay now 8 seconds ahead of King and in turn King leads Dalby by the same margin. Glanville is now 22 seconds back. Lap five, the mid way point and Finlay Rips out a fantastic lead of 13 seconds over his teammate and Dalby gains a second back, now only seven seconds behind king. Glanville, is 23 seconds back. This performance is definately not what we expected from Team Arrows and team Porsche are suprising everyone! Lap six, Finlay leads King by 15 seconds. Dalby is 16 seconds back after a mishap on that lap. Glanville gains some ground and is now 18 seconds back. Lap 7, Finlay is now 19 seconds ahead of King. Dalby sits 17 seconds back from King and Glanville is 33 seconds back. Lap 8, Finlay is 21 seconds ahead of King and Dalby holds steady at 17 seconds behind King. Glanville, 22 seconds back, must be furious that he cannot keep up! Lap 9, Finlay holds is 21 second lead over King. Dalby sits 21 seconds back and Glanville has fallen way back after that last incident. The Final Lap, Finlay wins his first GP of the year and King insures the first one-two finish for Team Porsche. Dalby finishes third and Glanville finish fourth. A wet race in Canada has brought quite a suprise to the WSRC season. Things definately look good for Team Porsche.

Final results:

Finlay 14:37:104
King 15:00:854
Dalby 15:22:483
Glanville 15:56:059
Fastest Laps:

Finlay 1:27.145
King 1:28.367
Dalby 1:30.297
Glanville 1:32.660
Drivers title

Diogo Vincenzi - 38
Brian Glanville - 37
Henrique Rocha - 36
Lonnie King - 31
Iain Dalby - 24
Matt Finlay - 14
Reece Byrne - 7
Jack Basford - 6
Constructors title Arrows - 73
Porsche - 45
Audi - 38
KDR - 24
Nokia - 19
Clownpaint - 13

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Canadian GP Post Race Press Conference!

WSRC - Welcome gentlemen to the 2005 Canadian GP post race press conference. You guys put on a wonderful show today. Finlay, Congratulations on winning your first WSRC GP and on the week of your Birthday no less! Quite the birthday suprise! Tell us what you are feeling right now.

Finlay - well it is a great feeling to win a race. that it happened in the week of my birthday is a very welcome birthday gift, i remember jean alesi in 1995 managing the same feat as me! so im in good company. my first podium as well, so everything has come together nicely. as for the race itself, it was really quite difficult. the track obviously was very wet, but the setup we chose maximised such awful conditions. basically it was a case of having to push extremely hard all the whole race out, and we ultimately finished up with the ideal result, a one-two finish for team porshe is an amazing achievement. I have to thank the team for such hard work over the last few months, particularly Lonnie, who has done the bulk of development work. it hasn't been the ideal start to the season for me, hopefully this is a turning point.

WSRC - King, congratulations for second and for your teams first win of the season. Tell us about the opnening laps

King - Well, there isn't much to tell. Dalby slowed up a bit on the start and I was able to slip by. From there I just focused on keeping the car on the track as it was a bit tricky. My hats off to my teammate, for such a fantastic drive today!

WSRC - Dlaby, Your on the poduim for the first time this season! How does it feel? tell us what happened on the first lap?

Dalby - I have to say that it is nice to finally have a podium, though in the circumstances some might say it is not as much deserved if there wer emore of the field out there, but I hav eput in the effort and managed to pull off a third place in wet conditions, which my car doesn't seem to take to too well, so I have to say it feels very good. In regards to the firs tlap it was pretty dissapointing as you can imagine. I was too worried the car wouldn't turn that well into the first chicance as well as the tight turn 3, so I tip-toed a little too much and I paid for it by the end as I was always playing catch-up.

WSRC - King, your thoughts on Finlay's victory?

King - I never would have thought Team Porsche would be sitting in this possition today. Not so soon anyway! We haven't shown the best pace all season and for us to come away with this win is incredible! We beat the odds! Finlay, has shown to be a fine wet race driver! *King looks over to Finaly* Where did you pull this performance out of? LOL! *Pat's him on the shoulder* Job well done Matt!!! Anyway, it shows that persistance pays off. I was about to leave the world Championship in Monaco, but this performance has reinvigorated the team.

WSRC - Dalby, What are your thoughts on the results of this race, both for your team and the overall finishing results?

Dalby - Delighted to get more points on the board for both the team and myself. Delighted to have finished such a wet race, and I am lookign forward to the next Grand Prix, and also most likely some testing at our home track of Silverstone to further develop the car - maybe the pole position will be achieveable by the next race, who knows....

WSRC - King, With this finish, Team Porsche has now been bosted into seconds place in the constructors title! Tell us yout throughts?

King - We knew that we were going to have a tough time keeping up with some of the drivers in this series. But a win like this helps us a lot. If we can keep performing like this, we've got a good chance at the constructors title. As for the drivers title, we've still got our work cut out for us. Glanville, Vincenzi and Rocha are well ahead of us. I think I trail Glanville by 7 points I think. Still anything can happen and the season is still young.

WSRC - Finlay, your closing thoughts on the win here today?

Finlay - well, im just a little disappointed that rocha was unable to compete today, im sure it wouldve been a great fight. we'll go to the next race, and hopefully we can build on this result.

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