Vincenzi Dominates the San Marino Grand Prix!

4.3.2005 - Welcome, race fans, to the 2005 WSRC Grand Prix of San Marino. The toughest event to date so far. The action this week was fairly busy. Many of the drivers struggled to get good times. But here we are, ready for the green light to go on. They line up on the grid as follows. Vincenzi, gets his first pole of the season followed by Rocha in Second. Glanville fills third place in the second row followed by King in forth. Dalby in fifth and Bolman in sixth fill the final row. The red lights are on. You can feel the anticipation brewing. The green light comes on, Rocha, takes Vincenzi at the start. Glanville follows behind, King falters and allows Bolman and Dalby to slip by. Lap two, Vinceizni closes in on Rocha, Glanville is pacing himself. It's a close battle for fourth as Bolman Leads Dalby who then leads King. Lap three, Oh no, Rocha, spins and crashes at Pirratella, giving the lead to Vincenzi. Such a horrible misshaps for Rocha! Glanville picks up second, Bolman make a simple mistake and allows Dalby and King to slip past. Lap four, Vincenzi, now our leader, pulling away from the pack. Glanville, now seven seconds back. King gets past Dalby and Bolman is ten seconds back. Lap five, Vincenzi's lead opens up as Glanville, slips up a bit allowing King to slip by. Dalby almost gets past a well but Glanville hangs on to fourth. Bolman is now nine seconds back. Lap six, Vincenzi still leading. Glanville gets past King to take back second. Dalby is three seconds back and Bolman is now eighteen seconds back. Lap seven, Vincenzi is now 23 seconds head of Glanville and King is only a half a second behind. Dalby is still close but falling another second back. Bolman holding his pace. Lap eight, Vincenzi is destroying the competition! Glanville puts another two seconds on King. Dalby is still four seconds back while Bolman slips back a bit, now 21 seconds back. Lap nine, two laps to go. Vincenzi with a commanding lead! Glanville Leads King by four seconds now. Dlaby follows behind, now five seconds back and Bolman falls even further back. It's another win for Vincenzi! The young Brazilian is on a roll! Three victories in this still young season! Glanville finishes second followed by King. Dalby finished fourth and Bolman finish in fifth. It's really too bad For Rocha, who suffered that horrific accident on lap three.

The final results are as follows:

Vincenzi 13:26.570
Glanville 13:54.699
King 14:02.067
Dalby 14:03:052
Bolman 14:28:727
Rocha DNF

- WSRC News



San Marino Post Race Press COnference!

WSRC - Vincenzi, You've done it again! Congratulations! Rocha got you at the start of the race! Obviously that didn't seem to shake you up. Describe the opening laps before Rocha's inevitable crash?

Vincenzi - Thank you! It wasn't my best race start as we saw, but I was very determined to do well, so I pushed as hard as I could to win this race. Rocha's crash was unfortunate though, I wasn't expecting something like that to happen.

WSRC - Glanville, your consistency paid off and you came in seconds, just under eight seconds ahead of King. Describe your battle with King, throughout the race?

Glanville - I struggled with the car through much of the race particularly in the early stages and this resulted in my spin, King was pushing me hard and may have forced this error as I was trying to brake later into he first corner.

WSRC - King, congratulations for your first podium of the year! How does it feel?

King - I'm suprised really! I didn't expect this. the only way for me to look at it is that Rocha's misfortune was my fortune! Had he not crashed, I would have been relegated to fourth but I'm happy none the less. The team is showing great improvment and I'm excited to be here! I received a lot of pressure from Dalby the entire race, so it was hard for me to keep all my attention on Glanville, in front of me.

WSRC - Vincenzi, Tell us, when you saw Rocha spin out, at Pirratella, what was going through your mind?

Vincenzi - I got worried of course. It's not a good thing to see a fellow competitor have a serious crash during a race. I kept my head straight on though and focused on doing my thing and so get a good result.

WSRC - Glanville, When King past you on laps five, did that rattle you at all and tell us what happened?

Glanville - After the spin, I thought I wouldn't be able to catch up or indeed regain my concentration but coupled with my teammates retirement and the car feeling that bit better (don't know why!) I was able to push harder and was able to use the superior power of our car to overtake King before the first corner, after trying to find a gap all through the previous lap.

WSRC - King, At the start of the race you had a bit of trouble getting off the line. What went wrong?

King - Well, the launch control wasn't working so I was having to do things manually. This slowed me up a bit and once I got into the groove, I found my pace. Everyone was fighting hard today! It really was a fantastic race!

WSRC - King, Better things from you in the future?

King - Only time will tell. Team Porsche, still have a lot of work to do to catch the front runners. I'm quite pleased with todays results but I know we've got a long ways to go. It's been an ok season so far and I'm quite please with the improvements we've made to date!

WSRC - Glanville Your second podium finish of the year! Where do you see yourself in terms of the championship?

Glanville - As our president has already said my consistency in the championship is really paying off. Lonnie is now 7 points behind me, but all I need is an incident like my teammates to even that score. I would like to challenge Vincenzi who is really looking fantastic in race trim. I aim to support Henrique as much as I can and certainly want us to win the constructors championship.

WSRC - Vincenzi, Earlier in the season, you were quite suprised to see team Audi doing so well. With Rocha failing to finish, this closes the gap a little, to team Arrows. What are your thoughts?

Vincenzi - Yeah, I was indeed surprised. I guess all the testing paid off really well though. The gap has indeed gotten smaller, but we are in a bad spot due to the lack of a second driver. Unless we can get someone else to race, Team Audi will have a rough season to get a constructor title. In the mean time, I'll do my best to get as much points as possible for Audi.

WSRC - Thank you gentelmen and we look forward to seeing you all at the Spanish Grand Prix on April 16th.

- WSRC News



2005 Early Season Roundup!

4.16.2005 - Things are heating up in the WSRC. Vincenzi has taken a commanding lead in the drivers championship as a results of Rocha's crash in the San Marino GP. Rocha is obviously looking for a strong finish if not a victory at the Spanish Grand Prix this weekend. Glanville finishes up the top three. Fourth place is a hotly contested position in the WSRC as King, Bolman and Dalby are separeted by mear points in the fight. With the absence of team Clownpaint drivers, Byrne and Basford, Finlay has a chance to boost his points and catch up to the rest of the field.

The Constructors Title has Orange Arrows killing the Competition with team Audi a bit behind. teams Porsche, Nokia, Clownpaint and KDR are again separated by no more then five points between all of them making the chace for best of the rest, one of the most exciting parts of the series!

- WSRC News



Rocha Victorious in Spain!

4.18.2005 - Henrique Rocha, won his second race of the season, easily beating the rest of the field as, Vincenzi, had to sit this one out with an injury. "Things were most unfortunate this weekend. When I entered the last corner in one of my practice runs, I accidently hit the grass, and the car went straight in the oposite wall. Not a good moment. It left me with an aching right knee and according to the doctors I would be better off not racing if I wanted to do the next race. Hope I'm more fotunate at Monaco" said Vincenzi!

As for the action on the track, no one could catch, Rocha, even though it was the tightest field of the season, with only 44 seconds separating first to sixth. Glanville, secured an Arrow's 1-2 finish to boost the teams Constructors points to 68. That's 30 more then Team Audi, who sit second in the points. The real action in the race came between Bolman, Dalby and King. Bolman and King got an early jump on Dalby, but the three fought hard throughout. Then, midway through the race, Bolman slipped up allowing both King and Dalby to get past. Dalby tried everything he could to pressure King, but King held him off. King's teammate, Matt, finshed his third race of the season and helped Team Porsche, gain a more secure third place, for team points.

The teams will take a one month break from action, before taking to the streets of Monte Carlo, where the competition is looking to heat up a bit. Who will dominate the Monaco Grand Prix? Will it be Vincenzi, or Rocha? Or could someone else step up their game and take their maiden victory?

- WSRC News



Spanish GP Post Race Press Conference!

4.18.2005 -

WSRC - Welcome gentlemen and congratulations. Rocha, congraulations to the win! How does it feel to come back from the crash in Imola to win in Spain?

Rocha - Don't know. After I left my car at Imola I thought that my championship hopes were gone and now, well, I win with a kind of big lead. It's hard to explain the way I feel.

WSRC - Glanville, another excellent finish! Team Arrows ran away with this victory! Give us your thoughts?

Glanville - Well my teammate ran away with the victory. Right now I'm looking at my performance compared to my teammate. Where King, Dalby and Finlay were fighting and ultimately holding each other back, I was able to pull away. But to finish so far behind my teammate is a bad thing for me and something not to be proud of.

WSRC - King, becoming a regular in the top three these past couple of races! How does it feel to see Porsche doing so much better then the begining of the season?

King - Well, I am thrilled to be here, albeit, under the sircumstances I'm not sure we fully desrve it. We were outdriven by Team Arrow and with Vincenzi not in the mix it does change things. I'll take anything we can get but I'm a realist and know that this is all a bit of luck for the team. But with nine points scored this weekend, team Porsche does open up a bit of a lead for third in the constructors championship.

WSRC - Rocha, does this victory feel a little less satisfying without your chief rival able to compete?

Rocha - Not at all. It was exactly what I wanted: me scoring 10 points and Vincenzi 0. I guess he also felt the way I o when he won the race at Imola.

WSRC - Glanville, It's looking like a bit of a three way battle for the Driver's Championship! Do you think there could be a possible victory for you in the near future?

Glanville - As I've just said, I'm trailing my teammate by more than just points, my performances are just way off the pace of either Diogo or Henrique. They really are talented drivers and have my respect. To be honest I dont see myself challenging for a win, except perhaps Canada. I will be gutted if I dont challenge there!

WSRC - King, You were able to get ahead of Dalby at the start, then later, you passed Bolman?

King - Well, it was definately a great battle. One that I look forward to everytime. but I didn't expect to finish where I did, considering my qualifyfing time. Both Bolman and Daldy had fantastic qualifying times. I was afraid I was going to finish this race where I started from, Fifth. I drove a steady race and it was only the misfortunes of others that allowed me to be where I am. When Bolman made that criticle mistake in the middle of the race I just kept my cool and kept driving, though I was always a bit nervous with Dalby right there, the entire time. If I don't keep my head on, one of these days, someone else will capitolize.

WSRC - Glanville, With nine points now separating you and King, in the drivers points, does that make things a bit more comfortable for you?

Glanville - Of course its good to open up points on a rival, but I dont think I'm uncatchable from here. Lonnie is a fantastic driver and is hungry for more points and higher podiums. Hes got a raw sort of pace, which can shine. I'm confident I should be able to hold him back though. The arrows this year is very competitive and my teammate has been a great help to me.

WSRC - King, Does Porsche, stand a chance of winning a race at all this season?

King - That's a tall order! I'm not expecting a victory per say, given the competetive state of the series, but with that said, that is why we are all here. But in order for the team to get a victory, we first, have to step up or game. I've said this before, that Monza is probably our best bet. That's because from a hystorical standpoint, our times are closer to some of our competitors at that track.

WSRC - Rocha, Team Arrows is flying away with the Constructor points. Your closest rival, team Audi, now 30 points behind! Give us your thoughts on that and your final reflections on todays race.

Rocha - Well, I think we deserve such big lead. Brian and me have been working very hard to improve our times. We've never gave up. I crashed at Imola 'cause I was pushing it to the max. As simple as that.

But the race today did surprise me. I knew my car was excellent but, you never expect to win a race in this way knowing that your teammate has exactly the same car. Also the mid-field fights were very exciting. Things are just looking good for the coming race at Monaco.

WSRC - Thank you for your time gentlemen. We look forward to your performances in Monaco.

- WSRC News



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