Driver's Discuss Brazil performance!

3.4.2005 - With only one day before the Brazilian GP, drivers discuss their trials and tribulations with the track know as Autodromo Carlos Pace.

Dalby - "A lot of people including me love Interlagos, but hopefully others will agree to that it is a tricky circuit to drive. Despite knowing it like th eback of your hand you have to pay full attention for every lap and the hilly nature of the track is a problem for me too."

Dalby knows all to well how Interlagos can bite you when you least expect it, as this video clip shows.

King also fell victim to the Brazilian track as shown here.

King - I wrestled with settings for about an hour until I found a setup that felt right. I think the toughest part of the track to get right is from Ferradura through Bico de Pato. That section is where I tend to gain or lose time depending on how well I take it. You can see that my spin on Wednesday, in Laranja, is a prime example. Everywhere else is fairly stright forward. But I can tell if I'm going to have a good laptime or not by my time relative to exiting Juncao.

Rocha - You can't imagine how many times I spun exiting Laranjinha in my qualifying laps. Also enter Senna's S with a unstable car is quite difficult. As Lonnie also mentioned, I can have an idea whether my laptime will be good or not depending on the time I get leaving the internal kerb at Junção. For example, if my time is somewhere below 1min, I know my time will be around 1m11s8xx. This helps me a lot.

Glanville - Interlagos is one of those tracks which really challenges you. Sometimes I get the urge to look at the time on my watch, but when its interlagos I've learnt not to risk it. Plus, I'm sure we're all aware how going off track here tends to result in a little ballet session of spins and running around everywhere trying to get back on.

The Brazilian GP is going to be an exciting venue which every driver will be eying for the coveted victory! With Vincenzi, Bryne and Basford, still having yet to qualify for this weekends race, here are the qualifying results so far:

Rocha 1:11.567
Glanville 1:12.888
Bolman 1:12.976
Dalby 1:13.505
King 1:13.696
Sampson 1:14.169

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Lap by Lap Report of the 2005 WSRC Brazilian GP

Rocha takes an early lead on Basford, and Vincenzi has an outreagous start, demoralizing all but Rocha and Basford. Vincenzi is a man on a mission! Good GOD! Amazing start for Vincenzi. Glanville falls in behind Vincenzi, then it's Byrne, Bolman, King, Dalby and sampson finishing up the pack. Lap 2, Rocha still leading Basford, and Vincenzi's right on Basford's tail. Glanville, pulls away from Byrne, who is in a tight race with Bolman, King and dalby. Sampson is off the pace but still moving quickly. Lap 3, Vincenzi makes a pass on Basford and is now up behind Rocha. Glanville is all alone in Fourth place. Byrne is off his line and that allows Bolman, King, and Dalby, to slip by. Sampson is falling way back. Lap 4, Vincenzi is closing in on Rocha, and Basford completes the top three followed by Glanville in Forth. Oh my God, Bolman makes the same mistake Byrne did. Now it's King, Dlaby, Byrne and Bolman and in the distance is Sampson. It's been a tough beginning of the season for Sampson. He just isn't on pace. Lap 5, Rocha is holding off Vincenzi, and Basford is playing catch up. Glanville seems to be pacing himself in Fourth place with no challenge from the rear of the pack. Dalby is a little slow on that lap falling off from Kings pace while Byrne and Bolman close in on Dalby. And poor Sampson, he must be furious that he can't keep pace. Lap 6, Rocha and Vincenizi start to pull away from Basford. Glanville solitary in Fourth. King has a solid grasp of Fifth position, and look at this, Byrne takes six from Dalby. Bolman isn't able to pass and Sampson finish up the field. Lap 7 Rocha is getting pressure from Vincenzi. Basford struggling a little to keep pace with the front runners. Glanville just looks like he's enjoying his current position. King still holding fifth followed by Byrne, Dalby and Bolman. Sampson is way back! Lap 8, Oh, Vincenzi makes a pass on Rocha! This is exciting racing!!! Basford, Glanville and King hold their position. Dalby is able to retake six from Byrne, and Bolman is right there... Lonley Sampson! No doubt he needs to step up his games against the rest of the field. Lap 9, the penultimate lap, Rocha, retakes the lead from Vincenzi! It just doesn't get any better then this! Two briliant Brazilian drivers going toe to toe with one another! Basford, Glanville and King are holding their positions. Dlaby is getting pressure from Bolman and Byrne follows closely behind. I cannot say enough about Sampson! I really feel for him! Lap 10, last lap, what an absolutely incredible finish. Rocha crosses the line half a second ahead of Vincenzi. Basford comes in third. Glanvile is fourth, King fifth and look, Bolman gets passed Dalby, but Byrne gets hung up and cannot follow through. Sampson comes in almost a lap down. What an exciting race that was! The brazilian fans are completely extatic! A Brazilian one/two finish!

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Brazilian Grand Prix Post Race Press Conference!

WSRC - Welcome Gentlemen to the Brazil Post Race Press Conference. Rocha, congratulations on your Win! You had a bit of pressure from Vincenzi from lap three on. How did that effect your race?

Rocha - Well, Vincenzi's excellent start just gave me an extra motivation to go on and push it to the max. As the A25 is an old car, it wasn't what you can call fast and stable. It was quite hard to keep going on the race. The car just seems to go wide without an explainable reason, I had massive problems with oversteer followed by understeer. The tyres, I also had grip problems because of the tyres. But the desire to win was so big that I just kept going. I was trying so hard to win such a race since I entered the series, and there was I with a good opportunity.

WSRC - Vincenzi, another marvelous performance from you. That start was something quite impressive! Take us through that moment?

Vincenzi - Thanks. I believe I said this on the other race, and I'll say it again. Race starts are incredibly unpredictable. Team Audi had a completely busy and complicated week prior the race, leaving us with little test of the car. But when the race started, the car rushed away with great performance. Very pleased with the team's work so far. Unfotunately, we suffered the penalty during qualifying wich might have giving Rocha the upper hand in this race.

WSRC - Basford, you finished third in your first race of the season. Good to have you here. Give us your thoughts as you saw Vincenzi coming up on yout tail at the start of the race?

Basford - I was suprised it was him, but i wasnt suprised to see someone coming up on my tail. I havent been as competitive as I wouldve liked all weekend, i really like this track but i never seem to be the fastest, which in the end is all i am trying to be, anything less than that i class for myself as underacheiving. I always set high targets for myself, usually the highest target acheivable. I want this championship and i am going to work to my limit for the rest of the season to get it. If any man beats me, he deserves it. So i would like to congratulate rocha for the win and vicenzi for his incredible comeback.

WSRC - Rocha, on lap 8 you were passed by Vincenzi but you were able to catch him one lap later. When he made that pass, how did that change your mindset in this race?

Rocha - It changed nothing, I guess. It was in my mind that I had to win the race. Either I won, either Vincenzi and me crashed. Fortunately there were no accidents in the race [laughs].

WSRC - Vincenzi, an incredible dual between you and Rocha. You were finally able to pass Rocha in the closing stages but all for not as he regained the lead to win. Your thoughts please?

Vincenzi - Well, it was an unfortunate thing. On my 9th lap, I made one little mistake resulting in a .4 milisecond drop from my time. That gave enough time for Rocha to pass me. Things that happen when your not expecting I guess.

WSRC - Basford, Ultimately you were a bit slower then Rocha and Vincenzi. Do you think your absence from the Malaysian GP deprived you of some experience racing agains them?

Basford - Not really, i wouldnt say i was slower as such either, just less consistent. I did afterall set the fastest lap. I put my lack of consistency down to the amount of time spent on the setup, i settled with something that was good rather than working to one that was great. I will take this lesson with me to the remaining races and have already begun preperation for the forthcoming austrian gp.

WSRC - Vincenzi, I'm sure we can expect more performances, like this, from you, in the future. I'm sure both you and Rocha wanted the win here in your home country. Are you satisfied, ultimately, with coming second, only a mere half a second behind?

Vincenzi - First let me say, that it would be indeed an honour to win at my home country. Perhaps not as great if we could race in Rio de Janeiro at Autodromo Nelson Piquet. Anyway, it was a hard race for me, as I had to catch up with everyone as I started last. I think 2nd was a great result considering that. We won't take chances for the next race though. The cars are already being setup for Austria. Let's see how that goes.

WSRC - Rocha, final thoughts on your first victory and in your home country none-the-less?

Rocha - I.... I don't know what I can say. It's...... man, you can't imagine the feeling of win your home race in front of fanatic fans like people here in Brazil are. When I saw the chequered flag, I just...... I started screaming. You know, "I can't believe it! I can't believe it! I can't.... EU NÃO ACREDITO!!!!". I...... [Rocha cries] sorry. I'm just happy. My first ever win in the World Sim Racing Championship series was in Brazil.... I don't think my season could have started in a better way. Now, more than ever, I'm ready for more!

WSRC - Thank you for your time gentlemen! We look forward to your results in the Austrian GP, in two weeks.



Lap by Lap Report of the 2005 WSRC Austrian GP

Welcome WSRC fans, to a beatiful day at the A1-Ring. The race is just about to begin. The grid is as follows. Rocha is on pole followed by Vincenzi In the second row is King, in third, followed by Bolman. In row three is Dalby followed by Glanville who is sitting last on the field for his late qualifying results. The lights our out and they're off. Vincenzi break out ahead of Rocha, and look at the move Glanville makes to take third from King. Incredible! Bolman slips in as well droping King to fourth. Dalby finishes up a tightly nit pack. lap two, Vincienzi, leads Rocha by less then a second followed by Glanville. King takes back a position on Bolman and Dalby is a few seconds back from them. Lap three finds Vincenzi squeak out a 1 second lead over Rocha. Glanville is getting pressure from King follwoed by Bolman who is one second back from them. Dalby is five seconds back. lap four, A critical error from Rocha drops him almost four seconds back from Vincenzi. Glanivle puts a few seconds on King and King holds Bolman off by one second and Dalby is now seven seconds back. lap five, Rocha gain a second but is still two seconds behind Vincenzi. Glanville is holding third. Bolman passes King while Dalby falls further back, now eight seconds behind. Lap six, Vincenzi leads Rocha by three seconds and Glanville pulls out another second on King. King loses another second to Bolman. Dalby now nine seconds back. lap seven, Three seconds split Vincenzi and Rocha. Glanvile is still third and Kings find a way past Bolman to gain a position back. great racing between King and Bolman. Dalby finds himself in trouble and puts himself even further back, now some 19 seconds back. lap eight, Vinceniz is still leading Rocha. glanville is really pulling away from King and Bolman. King has put three seconds between him and Bolman. Dlaby still 19 seconds back. Lap nine, Vincenzi and Rocha hold steady. Glanville still five seconds ahead of King whol leads Bolman by eight seconds after Bolman made a bit of mistake in the last lap. Dalby is still far behind. Vincenzi wins another one! Rocha comes in second followed by Glanville then King. Bolman and Dalby finish up the pack. Final Standings

1st Vincenzi
2nd Rocha
3rd Glanville
4th King
5th Bolman
6th Dalby

- WSRC News



Austrian GP Post Race Press Conference

WSRC - Welcome gentlment! Another fabulous race put on today. Vincenzi, congratulations to your second victcory of the season. You lead from start to finish, after passing Rocha at the start of the race. How does it feel to have such a decicive victory?

Vincenzi - It feels great! Specially, since Austria is a very mixed circuit that needs attention in quite a feel parts to not make any mistakes. I'm also happy with the reliability of the car so far although we had some problems with tire wear towards the end of the race that slowed us down. I had to adjust the brakes during the race wich makes it a little worrying, but we are working on it already.

WSRC - Rocha, You put in a great performance as well, and only fell short by a few seconds, in the end. Are you satisfied with second place?

Rocha - Not at all. As I've already said in Malaysian GP's press conference I'll never be happy with a second place finish. It doesn't matter whether I lost by a tenth or a minute. I'll never take it easy to see if I can.... no, for me it's the first place.

WSRC - Glanville, coming from the back of the pack, at the start of the race, you passed Dalby, Bolman and then King, to settle into third place! Take us through that opening moment?

Glanville - Well, on the warm up lap i'd put down a lot of rubber on my start slot in the hope i could improve on my last place position. I was very surprised to find myself up so far by the end of the first lap. Was very exciting, the opposition certainly wasnt handing it to me!

WSRC - Vincenzi, You obviously never let up and held off Rocha throughout the race! What strategy did you use to win the race?

Vincenzi - Well, in the begining was the hardest part actually. Rocha was still pretty close to me so I needed to defend my position in the early stages if I wanted to win. I just made sure to block him in the corners and speed up the most on straights. Once the gap went up I was able to keep the pace and go trough the finish line, with the exception of the problems I mentioned.

WSRC - Rocha, on lap four you had a minor mishap hat dropped you four seconds behind the leader! Explain to us what happened there?

Rocha - I was pushing it to the max. As simple as that.

WSRC - Glanville, your main adversary for the race was King, but you held him off pretty handily and started to really pull away in the closing stages. What was going through your mind durring the race?

Glanville - Rocha and Vincenzi were in a league of their own today, and that was quite demoralizing. I found myself being really pushed by King who was matching me very well today. I knew that one mistake would cost me the first podium for me this season. I needed one so i wouldnt look so bad next to my teammate!!

WSRC - Rocha, ultimately you finished in second. What can Team Arrows do to get another win and even things up with Vincenzi?

Rocha - Create a weather machine and make it rain [laughs]. Seriously, improve our setups and practice more. That's the only thing I can think of now.

WSRC - Vincenzi, final question! With the lead in the drivers championship and two wins under your belt, how do you feel about Team Audi, in the WSRC competition?

Vincenzi - Team Audi arrived for the first race in a hard moment when we lost our second driver. That motivated the team to work extra hard so we could get good results. The team has been great with me so far and working together so we can get the best ride possible. I hope we can keep this up, and win more races in the future!

WSRC - Thank you gentlemen and we look forward to seeing you compete in our next race, the San Marino GP, on April 2nd.

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