Clownpaint rolls out new car in the nick of time!

2.4.2005 - Clownpaint F1 today announces the start of a new beginning for the team as it rolled out its first home-grown chassis from its research and development facilities near Silverstone. Team Owner, driver and co-designer of the car! Jack Basford had this to say about it ďI am very pleased to announce the CP-01 the first chassis from our headquarters near Silverstone co-designed by me and our design department. I must be the first manager/driver/designer in history! It wasnít easy but Iím glad weíve done it; the chassis has shown significant aerodynamic improvements over the customer f2004 chassis we were using before. And we all know the F2004 is a race/championship winning car, so I hope this says something about how it will perform. But we never know what the rivals may have up their sleeves so I wonít dig a hole for myself, we will just have to see how it goes in Sepang, we may even have it ready for its first test tomorrow at Imola.Ē

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Clownpaint run new car in Imola test session!

2.5.2005 - Today team Clownpaint Hyundai, ran the new CP-01 through it's paces to the delight of fans! the sleak looking, Hyundai powered CP-01 pounded out Some very fast laps. One of them being a 1:20.175 lap! Jack Basford, summed it up with the following words, ďThat certainly was a pleasant surprise! I didnít expect to be quite so fast with my first experience in the new car. Itís actually the first time Iíve been in an f1 car since the single qualifying lap I did for the test race at Montreal, so Iím extremely pleased with the results we got today. I did 15 or so laps of just pure development testing and getting used to the car, more of the latter after not having driven for as long as I have. I lost control a few times but luckily managed to avoid sustaining any damage. Then towards the end of the session the mechanics decided it was time to see what the car could really do. They called me in and stuck on a set of fresh tyres and I went for it. As long as my times are competitive with Rocha I believe we stand a good chance in the season opener at Sepang.Ē

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Rocha outpaces once again!

2.7.2005 - This past weekend WSRC fans were once again witness to the lightning fast pace that Rocha brought to field. He posted the second fastest lap of the day and outpaced his nearest competitor, Daniel Bolman, by just over a second.Jack Basford posted the fastest lap of the day at 1:20.175 with an over pace of 1:25.1 per lap, about 3 Seconds slower then Rocha. Final results are still pending as Team Audi's times have not yet been compiled but at the moment Rocha looks to be unstoppable! Can he be dethrowned as the speed deamon of the WSRC? The rest of the Imola Test results are as follows:

Fastest Lap

Jack Basford - 1:20.175
Henrique Rocha - 1:20.567
Daniel Bolman - 1:21.580
Brian Glanville - 1:22.374
Iain Dalby - 1:22.553
Lonnie King - 1:22.886

Average Laptime

Henrique Rocha - 1:21.8
Daniel Bolman - 1:22.7
Lonnie King - 1:23.7
Jack Basford - 1:25.1
Brian Glanville - 1:25.1
Iain Dalby - 1:25.2

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Imola test press conference!

2.10.2005 - WSRC: Welcome gentleman! Imola looks to be the best look at the entire field! With the first look at Team Clownpaint's performance, it looks like Team Arrows Henrique Rocha has a very close challenger in Jack Basford? All in all the whole field was split by roughly 3 seconds. Lets start with Henrique.How have the pre-season test sessions helped your team improve?

HR:Not only they helped us to understand our car, but also they helped the team to make big steps forward. We now know how hard we can push the car in heavy rain conditions, we have better setups that match our driving style and our car's power. Well, I have nothing else to add.

WSRC: Jack Basford, what about your team?

JB: The slight power gain we got from the single test session we entered at imola is all we will need to stay in touch with the front runners. We are looking at long term profits for team clownpaint and obviously if we are already capable of winning races I dont feel the need for a sudden shopping spree of developement testing. As long as I am comfortable with the car and feel competitive I will restrict testing for the sake of our bank account.

WSRC: Well said Jack! Lonnie King what can you add to this topic?

LK: Well, our team was very low on power compared to many of the other teams with the exception of Team Audi and Team Clownpaint. Everything we can do to improve on the car for the present season was critical. So that is why we opted to skip development on a second engine and focus totally on our race setup.

WSRC: thank you Lonnie and Iain, what about Team KDR?

ID: Only being confirmed late into the testing, it was great just to be able to test and to raise the engine that was already thankfully donated to me, helped immesurabley by Team Orange Arrows donation. The engine seemed good, kept a good temperature and didn't show any weakness, so it has taken a firm step forward in the right direction.

WSRC: And Iain, what about your thoughts on your Imola performance?

ID: Well, after the early drama of the team situation (which you are all well aware of and don't need to repeat) it was nice to finally test the car, get it on track and pump the laps out. The car didn't handle too great at the start of the session, a lot of understeer through Minerali but a few setup tweaks smoothed those problems out. Also, I had an electronics failure after about 20 laps, though I am pretty sure it was just an 'on the day'gremlin that doesn't warrant much worry. I managed to push the car quite hard on the laps that were submitted, though I also included some slower laps as testing isn't always about going as fast as one can, but about proving durability too. I think my performance was satisfactory, and looking at the comparison of the fastest laps between all who attended, there isn't too much between us all.

WSRC: adn what about you performance Lonnie?

LK: I was quite pleased with how we performed at Imola. We had the third best overall times but there is still plenty of work to do.

WSRC: Same question to DaniŽl.

DB: I needed to test the track since I havenít driven there for a very long time. That is why I probably was one of the few who was driving on the track from early dawn till sundown and completed almost 130 laps. But after some long run testing we tried some low fuel runs and it all worked very well for me. And we made some good laptimes to send in for the competition.

WSRC: Thanks you DaniŽl and Brian how did you feel about your performance?

BG: I thought my performance was okay, I always struggle with imola, and for me it was a result not to be last in the testing session. But testing is as its says testing. I believe if your not pushing in the testing session you are not really benefitting from it. Its about getting the most out of the car and finding out what needs to be improved. My car was oversteering in a lot of corners which I'm finding a bit difficult at the moment. But I do like a snappy car so I may have to compromise on that.

WSRC: Jack, and you?

JB: I am pleased with my performance but i'm not sure if i pushed too hard too soon. Obviously if you are faster than your rivals they begin to work to close the gap. Maybe i should have sat back and kept a low profile then saved the pace for the races, we will have to see. Maybe the opposite is true and the rivals are the ones sandbagging, perhaps they will shock us all at sepang, only time will tell.

WSRC: Last but never the least, Herique?

HR: Although I was the fastest driver (regarding average lap time), I don't think my performance was good. I don't like the Imola circuit at all. This fact didn't help me to test. I was just trying to do my laps as fast as possible, considering I was afraid of any part of my car break off. Well, Basford took the fastest time of the day, congratulations to him.

WSRC: ok one final question for everyone. Where do you see yourself, as a driver, compared to the other drivers, come the opening event in Malaysia, following the pre-season test sessions and who do you feel is your closest rival? Lest start with you agian henrique.

HR: It's still early to say where I think that I'll be in the grid. The test sessions showed that the things are pretty close. However I think that I can fight for some wins, who knows. As for closest rival, Team Nokia. They proved to be very fast in every single pre-session test. Maybe they'll be the team to beat for Team Arrows.

WSRC: Thank you Herique, Jack?

JB: I see us at the front and always have done. My only aim is to win, for me second isnt good enough. The only man I fear on the WSRC grid is Henrique Rocha. As long as I am ahead of him, statistics say I should be ahead of the rest.

WSRC: Thank you and Brian?

BG: I reckon I'm about mid field in terms of speed, but I'm hoping my consistency over 10 laps will help me achieve a better result. Sepang is not my circuit but I feel I'm not alone in that sentiment. Testing has helped me develop some very efficient setups that I'm able to carry and make interesting alterations to from race to race. As for closest rival, hard to say as yet, but I'd like to try and take a few points off Daniel Bolman who seems to be performing excellently so far in the testing sessions.

WSRC: Iain, what do you have to say?

ID: Hmm, that's a tricky one - as it is the season opener, to a certain extent we are all in the same boat. Yes, some have tested more or less than others, but the opening race will always throw up a few surprises I am sure, few mistakes here and there. I think Team Orange Arrows have made the biggest impression on the WSR league, but it is important to remember that those who do well in pre-season testing don't always end up on top come the close of the championship. I would add unashamedly that I do fear the rain, a severe weakness in my driving, and hold hope for recent reports that the rain will dissapear for the race weekend in Malaysia. Closest rival? I think the times and testing reports have proved that everyone is each others closest rivals.

WSRC: DaniŽl, what about you?

DB: As I mentioned before I guess Henrique is the one to beat for me, although in the Canada test my engine was overpowered my Imola test showed I can still come pretty close. Letís hope we can see some close racing in Malaysia. Ofcourse my team-mate Russ Sampson is my closest rival, the man to beat because he is driving in the same car as me. So first I have to keep in front of him to beat Rocha, but hopefully we could help each other to get high up the rankings.

WSRC: Finally, Lonnie?

LK: To be honest, I see myself fighting for third or fourth place if it's dry. If it's wet then I've got my work cut out for me! I'm not as fast as some of the other drivers in rain conditions. Closest rival? That's a tough one but from the pre-season results, it looks like my closest competitor is either Brain Glanville or Iain Dalby.

WSRC: Thanks you gentlemen. It's been an honor and a privilege! Good luck to you all!

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Vincenzi suprises the field!

The 2005 WSRC malaysian Grand Prix saw Byrne and Bolman, Jump ahead of Rocha and Vincenzi at the start followed by Glanville, Dably, King, Finaly and Sampson. By lap two Vincenzi had passed Byrne and Bolman while Rocha got passed Bolman. By lap three the top three remaind the same with Glanville's overtaking the only action on the track. For the next four laps no one change spots but King was closing in on Dalby. By lap 8 Rocha had passed Byrne to pick up 2nd and King had passed Dalby to take 6th. Lap nine show no changes once again. On the final lap however, things got crazy as King slipped off the track at turn nine allowing Dalby to slip by and then King spun off again in turn 14. King's teammate, Matt Finlay, suffered similar issues at the final turn coming onto the front straight. Sampson struggled with his car the entire race.

With Vincenzi finishing 1st, he pics ups 10 points for him and team Audi. Team Orange Arrows however, leads the Constructors championship with 13points as Rocha picked up 8 points finishing second and Glanville picked up 5 points finishing 4th. Reece Byrne picked up 6 points for Team Clownpaint as he finished 3rd. Bolman's 5th place finish was enough to pick up 4 points for Team Nokia. Dalby and Team KDR got 3 points for his 6th place finish while King and Finlay picked up 3 points for Team Porsche as they finished 7th and 8th respectively. Sampson was unable to secure any points for Team Nokia as he finished out of the top 8 spots.

The Driver's points table:

1 Diogo Vincenzi - 10
2 Hernique Rocha - 8
3 Reece Byrne - 6
4 Brian Glanville - 5
5 DaniŽl Bolman - 4
6 Iain Dalby - 3
7 Lonnie King - 2
8 Matt Finlay - 1

The Constructors points table:

1 Team Orange Arrows - 13
2 Team Audi - 10
3 Team Clownpaint - 6
4 Team Nokia - 4
5 Team KDR - 3
5 Team Porsche - 3

- WSRC News



Malaysia Post Race Press Conference

WSRC - Welcome Gentlemen and Congratulations to you Diogo Vincenzi, for the win! Tell us what was going through your mind when Byrne and Bolman got ahead of you and Rocha at the start?

Vincenzi - It was your average race start. Unpredictable things happens at those times, and it's important for you to focus your mind on just giving your best. So when I saw Byrne and Bolman passing me and Rocha, I realized I had to drive everything I could. Fortunately it worked.

WSRC - Rocha, Congratulations on getting the first pole of the year! Sitting first on the grid, was it a suprise to see both Byrne and Bolman streaking past you?

Rocha - Not at all. It looks like that the A25 has serious problems with the launch system, problems that happened at the test session at Montreal when Brian's car didn't even start. Of course it still is all up to who has the best reaction when the lights go out.

WSRC - Byrne, a stellar start! Take us through those opening moments?

Byrne - Yes, all went well at the start of the race, car worked well off the line and i was able to push my way through the cars ahead of me.

WSRC - Byrne, Ultimately you finished third! Was this what you expected here in Malaysia?

Byrne - Very happy with third. since it was the first race of the year no one was sure of where the other cars and drivers were in terms of performance. So after seeing the qualifying results i thought it would be a large struggle to be on the podium. So overall im very happy with how the car performed considering for one we have a less powerful engine than our main competitors. Bring on Interlagos!!

WSRC - Rocha, you were ahead of Vincenzi after lap one but then things started to unravel a bit for you and Vincenzi was able to pass you, Bolman and Byrne on lap two, though you were able to slip passed Bolman youself when Vincernzi did as well. Did you feel that it was going to be this tough coming into the first race?

Rocha - Well, about my first laps, I just wasn't focusing on the race. Maybe that's why Vincenzi, Byrne and Bolman overtook me. Fortunately I was able to regain two positions of the three I lost, but I terribly regret that I didn't give my best on the first race of the season. You may call me whatever you want but, second isn't enough for me. And, just so I answer your question, no, I wasn't surprised. The race was just in the way I expected it to be.

WSRC - Vincenzi, describe to us your tactics, coming into this race and ultimately coming in first, five seconds ahead of Rocha?

Vincenzi - I think it's important the fact that Team Audi took the car in the track and did extensive testing on the days before the race. We were able to make several corrections that ultimately lead to better times. As for the race itself, I think being consistent was the call here. Sepang is a hard track with lots of high-speed turns followed by tight lower speed turns. I was driving with extra attention on this one, as any small mistake can take off a second of your time very easily. I was being agressive in corners aswell, to get the best speed as possible and get advantage. I think in the end it was a combination of several factors the lead to this victory.

WSRC - Rocha, how does it feel that you and your teammate were able to compile enough points to lead the constructors points after one race?

Rocha - Great! It feels really great. Although we didn't finish in the positions I wanted for the team, I think it shows how consistent Team Arrows is. Hopefully both me and Glanville will score more than 10 points for the team every race.

WSRC - Byrne, I understand that your teammate Jack Basford, had electricle problems with his car and thus not able to race this weekend. How much pressure did it put on you to get the best results you could?

Byrne - Very dissapointing for the team and of course for Jack, he had done large amounts of testing in the pre-season and was really looking forward to showing what he could do. Even more dissapointing was the fact we knew Jack had speed, he posted a high 1:34 during friday practice and was looking good for the rest of the weekend. For me i felt a little more pressure, i know that i would need to bag as many points as possible for the team to make up for Jack's loss. I and the team are very happy with the third position though and we cant wait for the next race at brazil.

WSRC - Vincenzi, final thoughts on the Malaysian Grand Prix and your first victory in the WSRC?

Vincenzi - It was an exciting race, and it shows the potential the series has. As for the victory I have to say I really wasn't expecting it. Although my qualifying time was really close to first place, I wasn't very confident for the race itself, as doing several laps is diferent then going out doing only 1 lap, where your risking everything to get a good time. In the race you have to worry about not spinning or hitting someone else, and so makes you go more carefully. I was really happy when I crossed the finish line with such a good advantage! Let's hope it all goes so well in the next race too!!

WSRC - Thank you gentlemen! Once again, congratulations to you all and see you again in two weeks in Brazil.



Select Driver Quotes from Malaysian GP!

Sampson - "Well what can i say............ 1 word springs to mind but this is a friendly championship so i won't say anything. The car just didnt perform.Ii was not getting that little bit of bite from the car that everyone else seemed to get, although on the up side Danny did very well to get Team Nokia into 5th with a solid ride. I hope we can expand on what we saw in testing, and with brazil coming up I feel we can achieve excellent results and finish in a stable position this year."

Finlay - I kept it realistic by not quitting, in all honesty I couldnt be bothered, maybe if I spun on lap 2 or something then yes, I wouldve started again..."

Bolman - "Well done to everybody as this first race of an already exiting season is behind us and special congrats to Vincenzi, Rocha and Byrne for the first podium of the year. As for myself I was struggling with the car on the ten lap race the start was good but I fell back to far unfortunately. But still am happy with getting the frst points together for Team Nokia and our 4th place so far in the constructors championship. It's a bit to early to say but I believe it's going to be a close one this year"

King - I was doing quite well concidering what we've accomplished. Dalby really pressured me towards the end when I got past him. You've got a lot of pressure when the next guy is on your tail. Unfortunately it caused me to lose focus on the race course, at a critical juncture, the last lap! Hopefully we'll do better in Brazil!"



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