B.A.M.R. in Trouble!

1.11.2005 - Today, Iain Dalby, of Team B.A.M.R. found himself in a matter of great concern. Team owner and driver Andrew Claybrook, is MIA and with no team livery even submitted the team looks to be in deep trouble. Iain expressed his concerns buy saying, " Well I am extremley concerned! I have managed to get a lot of work out of the way and will hopefully be able to test the car thoroughly soon. However the fact that my teammate appears to have vanished is increasingly concerning, as I cannot get in touch with him, making the handling of the team a big worry! I am positive we will pull through this, though indeed I am wearing my concerned face."

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Porsche willing to help trouble B.A.M.R. driver Iain Dalby!

1.11.2005 - After hearing of the dissapearance of Team B.A.M.R. Owner Andrew Claybrook and the impending results this could have on Team B.A.M.R. driver Iain Dalby, Team Porsche Owner Lonnie King, has offered a helping hand. King stated, "I am troubled that no one has heared from Claybrook! It's more troubling that this could cause Team B.A.M.R. to colapse! This series is in it's infancy and we've already lost one team to hard times even before the begining of the season! As President of the WSRC, I feel it is my duty to do anything I can to save the sport. Losing another team could be a catastrophe! I'm willing to donate to Iain Dably, one of our backup cars and a Porsche Engine package to keep him competing in the WSRC for the 2005 season. It means we loose a bit of money for our own development purposes but I would rather see more competition on the grid. If B.A.M.R does falter I will donate 20,000,000 to Dalby, for the cost of getting himself a car and engine package from our team. I have yet to hear back from him but hope that if it comes to it, he accepts our offer."

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Audi unveils new livery for 2005!

1.17.2005 - Today, Audi F1 showed the press their new car livery. Apparentely, Diogo Vincenzi was complaining about some problems with the old car shape, and so they decided to change it. In the process, Dell droped off the sponsorship and Marvel Comics got a bigger place in the team. They also signed up with Pioneer for a minor sponsorship: "This new car is great! With the new shapes we were able to better acomodate the engine, and so get better performance. We might be in for something afterall" Said Vincenzi this afternoon after the car was showed to the press.

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Rocha, leads a rain soaked Brazil session!

1.24.2005 - Yesterdays test and development session in Brazil, showed why Team Orrange Arrows, is likely the team to beat in the 2005 WSRC campaign. Rocha set a blisteringly fast laptime of 1:26.282 and averaged roughly 1:30sec overall. Russ Sampson of team Nokia finished the session in a close second just .6 seconds off of Rocha's pace and set a personal fastest lap, of 1:27.741, just a second and a half slower that that of Rocha's best. Team Porsche has shown a little bit of improvement, since the last session in Melbourne. The team is still a bit slower but did manage some decent laptimes. King set a personal best of 1:28.848 while teammate Finlay set a personal best of 1:29.399.

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Brazil test Press Conference!

1.25.2005 - WSRC: Welcome gentleman! That was quite a wet session today! Henrique, again, Team Arrows, topped the timesheets. Congratulations to that! Now, let me ask all of you about your thoughts, the first time out in the rain. Henrique?

HR: It wasn't difficult. I love the Interlagos circuit and, from past experiences, I feel very confortable in the rain. The car performed good. I just had some stability problems when the tyres became very worn, which somehow were compesated by the low fuel load.

Although I clocked the fastest laptime of the day, a second and a half faster than Sampson, I was having problems with oversteer entering Descida do Lago, Ferradura and Mergulho, which caused me to spin out one time in each corner. Fortunately the car didn't suffer any damage and I was able to continue.

WSRC: Thank you Henrique and Russ, what about you?

RS: I thought it went quite well, I am very comfotable at Interlagos, and know the circuit which proved an advantage! I felt the car was very impressive over the whole circuit. I also beleive that we can catch Orange Arrows during the season.

WSRC: Matt Finlay, what can you tell us about today session?

MF: From my point of view, it was very difficult to obtain any achievable progress with regards to a setup. my car was beset with massive steering troubles as we worked to attempt to make the steering of the car much more responsive (true, I mucked around with the steering controls) but we ended up with an unsatisfactory result and its a problem we'll hope to cure shortly. this of course made the test very difficult.

Also, I suffered from a small electronics glitch after about 2 laps, the car attempted to steer into the pitlane. no damage was done, i merely hit the cancel button on the steering wheel which overrode the command, but it will be certainly worth following up, considering my teammate also suffered from the same problem. we dont need that to happen in a race or qualifying situation.

WSRC: And Finally, Lonnie, what about you?

LK: It was an interesting situation to be in. There was a lot of preasure to get a setup that would work correclty in the rain. From the results, it seemed everyone had trouble at one point or another but as you can see, team Arrows has just done their homework better then anyone else. Week-in and week-out they seem to be the team to which everyone else must compare themselves to.

WSRC: And what about your personal performance? How do you feel you did? I'll start with you gain, Lonnie.

LK: My first lap was slow just for the reason that I wanted to break that car in and get a feel for the track in wet conditions. I realize that a laptime of 2:08sec is going to throw my overall time off, but that was not really my concern. Simply put, we aren't racing yet. I was able to get my times in to the 1:28sec range once I got used to the track. Then, towards the end of the session, I started to have some electronic difficulties with the car and ultimately caused some damage to the car and finished the last couple of laps without a right front tire and a damaged from wing. With the session coming to an end I couldn't waist time so I just trucked on and limped the car around the track to get in an official 20lap session for the team. At one point I was affraid I was going to have to come in and our team would loose everything it had come to attain but fortunately that was not the case today.

WSRC: Thank you Lonnie! Matt?

MF: the conditions were more about survival than overall speed. I wasn't attempting to go for any sort of lap record, just basically trying to keep the car on the road, get used to the way it handles and not sustain any damage to the new car, which I was running for the first time having missed the previous test session. We had a couple of spins through-out the day, nothing serious and no damage was inflicted. We just have to build from here, and the results from the engine department are very encouraging. im confident

WSRC: Thank you Matt! Russ, your thoughts?

RS: After the session I thought I would be near the bottom, after some terrible spins which lost me 20 seconds and a gearbox glitch after 5 laps, I think we could have beaten Arrows if these problems did not occer. The car was also going .500 faster every lap, so maybe on a different day it would have been ours!

WSRC: So a bit of optomism then! Great! And back to you Henrique?

HR: Nah, I feel I could have done much better times. After my second lap, which was the fastest, I was always clocking times 1.5, 1.7, sometimes even 2 seconds higher than that. However I feel confident. I didn't know what would be our car's behaviour in thunderstorms conditions, so I think that, somehow, the team made big steps forward.

WSRC: Thank you again, Gentlement, I say this for all of us, I hope to see you all again in a couple of weeks for the final test session before the season begins. Best to you all!

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Dalby retains seat in new team backed by Team Porsche!

1.25.2005 - The dissapearance of BAMR (British American Mercedes Racing) established by team owner Andrew Claybrook has taken a turn for the better as it has been unveiled that Lonnie King has, with the help of BAMR driver Iain Dalby, re-established the team under the name KDR (King-Dalby Racing). With King's help and the power of his Porsche engines, it is likely that Dalby will now be able to realise his dream of racing in the SWR league.

Commenting on the launch of the revamped team, Dalby stated: "I am very excited at the prospect of having a secure race seat for the start of the new season. I am indebted to King for his magnificent help in re-establishing the team I was part of. Claybrook's dissapearance is indeed a mystery, and I hide no qualms about letting him back into a race seat if he does ever reappear, but that is a different story. All in all, it is a great relief and with great pleasure that I look forward to practise for the Malaysian Grand Prix."

We caught up with Lonnie King to get his thoughts, "The series is young and there have been a few setbacks in regards to teams. We lost Team ZGS, right at the get go and I didn't want this to happen to another team. When BAMR seem to be in limbo, I got word from Dalby, that he had not had any contact from his team owner and this is put me into action. We need as many teams as we can obtian right now. So I have given Dalby a car and an engine and enough money to supply him a race season. This should give team KDR the jumpstart it needs."

Will Dalby's good fortune become a dominant threat after such a near-catastrophe before the season even starts? Time will tell, but only his driving talent can do the talking.

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Dalby recieves gift from Team Orange Arrows!

1.28.2005 - Today, team Orange Arrows, donated 10,000,000 to team KDR. They also made the following statement. "Team Orange Arrows are delighted to welcome the KDR Team to the WSRC and hope for many challenging races against them in the future. We at Arrows feel that this donation is for the benefit to not only the KDR team but also to the whole event as it keeps a good field of cars on the grid, and also ensures competitiveness of the KDR team this year. A race or championship victory by any team can only be measured by the performance of those around the team. We would like to take this opportunity to welcome Dalby and his new team and wish them every success in the coming season

Following that, KDR team owner, Iain Dalby, sent the very best gratitude to the Arrows team." I would like to thank the kindness of Mr.Rocha and his team for the biggest gesture a team could give to a fellow racer. I am sure that such a donation reveals the respect and determination from all members inside the SWR league to keep it alive, and allow everyone to maintain the spirit of racing. Not only did Mr.King save my team and secure me a race seat, this donation will allow crucial testing of both fuel and engine development in order to push the car harder for the first session of the series at Malaysia."

The WSRC President and Team Porsche owner, Lonnie King, had the following to say about this kind gesture, "I'm am very happy to see that Team Orange Arrows, beleives as I do, that every effort to keep this fledgling series alive is a great thing. By donating 10,000,000 to Team KDR, they've helped keep them alive for the 2005 championship. I want to thank Orange Arrows for such a gracious gesture!"

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